How to crochet the ribbed half treble stitch (video & written instructions)

Are you looking for a richly textured yet simple stitch, that'll make your scarves and throws look really special?
The ribbed half treble crochet is a simple variation on the half treble which produces an effect you'll love. The video below shows the classic half treble stitch (sometimes also called the half triple crochet stitch) and I'll explain the quick twist that makes this into a ribbed half treble below.
Watch the half treble crochet stitch video tutorial:
To create something lovely with a ribbed half treble stitch, you'll need some yarn appropriate to your chosen project. If you're making a cuddly throw, think about a chunky yarn with a nice big crochet hook. If you're making a scarf, you might prefer a light worsted or DK yarn weight, with a correspondingly sized hook, a G or an H for instance. Check your yarn band for recommendations.
Ch chain stitch
Htc half treble crochet
Rhtc ribbed half treble crochet
St stitch
Yo yarn over
Sk skip
Special stitches involved in this pattern
Ribbed half treble crochet
This pattern uses the ribbed half treble crochet, a variation on the classic half treble crochet. To create a ribbed half treble crochet stitch, simply crochet only into the back loop of the stitch you are working into, instead of crocheting into both loops together. This slight change in the way you create the stitch is enough to alter the texture of the fabric you'll be creating and to make a ribbed seam.
Written instructions
Make a foundation chain long enough to suit your project. You will start with one row of standard half treble crochet, and then start the ribbed stitch on the second row.
Row 1: sk 2 ch, yo, insert the hook through both parts of the 'V' of the previous stitch, yo and pull through, you will have 3 loops on your hook. Pull through to make a htc. Continue this st to the end of the row. Ch2 as your turning chain.
Row 2: yo, insert the hook through the back loop only of previous st, yo and pull through to make a rhtc.
Before you know it, you'll have created a gorgeous ribbed fabric with this simple stitch.

Soft and downy, just right for baby blankets
September 28   ·  
Great for throws!
September 27   ·  
This stitch produces a rich texture and is perfect for scarves.
September 26   ·