Learn how to make couched patchwork bags in no time with this simple technique

Most people think that quilting is just for making blankets for your bed, yet many quilting enthusiasts have come up with all kinds of uses for quilting. Stitchthis has uses varying from pin cushions to decorations to pot holders to placemats. If quilting is your thing, then Alanda Craft's couched patchwork tote bag may be the craft for you.
Wanda and Paula from Alanda Craft have a YouTube channel that teaches viewers how to do all kinds of different crafts. Wanda is an avid crafter and is the host of the video below that gives step-by-step instructions for creating this lovely, couched patchwork tote bag.
To start this project off, Wanda lists off the necessary components: 5-inch squares, batting, backing, material for lining and thick yarn. Wanda uses pre-cut squares, but you can choose to cut your own if you so desire. She then lays them out in four rows with four squares in each, 16 squares total.
Once your rows are laid out, stitch your squares for each row together. Wanda takes time to point out that when you press the seams for each row, you want to be sure to press them in opposite directions so that when you stitch the individual rows together, the seams will lay flat.
Once all of the individual squares and rows are together, you should have a square. Wanda then cuts her batting for both the squares and backing, and she cuts her solid piece of material for the backing of the tote as well. She then places the squares over one piece of backing and places yarn over each seams. Using a zigzag stitch, Wanda affixes the yarn to the front of the tote, being careful not to shred the yarn in the process. The yarn holds the batting in place.
Once the yarn is finished, place the right side of the backing along with its batting together with the right side of the squares and batting, and stitch them together on three sides. Take your lining and sew it together and box the corners of both the lining and the tote with 4-inch box seams and trim off the bulk.
Make handles and attach them to the right side of the tote. Be sure not to twist the handles. Turn the lining inside out and tuck the bag into the lining. Pin the top together and sew, leaving a 5-inch opening through which to turn the bag right-side out. Once you have pulled the bag through, do a top stitch 1/8 of an inch from the top all the way around. This will secure the handles and blend the opening into the bag.
Your bag is finished and ready to be used. Enjoy the quilted couch design and fill your bag with all kinds of wonderful things.
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