Watch how this amazing technique gets you a natural and glowy makeup look

Achieving a "natural" look isn't as easy as it sounds. How is it possible to even out skin tone, enhance brows and lashes and bring out cheeks and lips without looking heavily made up? Beauty blogger Estée Lalonde has the answer.
"Sometimes I find that when your skin is looking the most tired it's better to go for lighter makeup than to cake it on," Lalonde says. She goes for a "no makeup makeup" look on those tired-looking days or when she is pressed for time. Watch the video below to see Lalonde's guided instructions for creating this look.
How to achieve a natural "no-makeup" look
Makeup products needed
CC cream
Under-eye concealer
Spot concealer, if needed
Eyebrow gel, tinted if preferred
Cream or gel blush
Light lipstick, tinted lip balm or clear gloss
Buffing brush
Spoolie brush
Stippling brush
1. Apply the CC cream with a buffing brush, working the product into the skin until coverage is adequate to hide blemishes.
2. Swipe under-eye concealer from inside to outside corners of both eyes. Blend gently into the skin with a buffing brush.
3. If you still have visible spots, dab the spot concealer onto the problem areas and blend with buffing brush.
4. Using soft strokes, gently shape and tint eyebrows with brow gel. Refine the shape and blend the color with a spoolie brush.
5. Put a spot of cream or gel blush on the back of your hand and dab it with the stippling brush. When the product is worked into the brush, apply to the cheekbone areas with a light stippling motion, just enough for color to be visible.
6. Apply a very light layer of lip product to lips and blend with fingertips.
Lalonde prefers cream blush over powder for her "no makeup makeup" look. "Cream blushes look really natural," she says, "and give a dewy sort of glow to the skin. I really really like it."
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