Wrap a flowerpot in an upcycled sweater to make the most darling DIY winter planter

There are tons of different, creative ways to make snowmen and cute characters out of terra cotta planters, but what about planters that actually have plants in them? Gardeners still need to get their green thumb going in the winter months, so there are lots of fun ways to create planters that will look great during the holiday season.
These would all make great gifts as well, so let's get started taking a look at some of the cutest DIY projects to create holiday planters. What better way to start than with some of the most iconic elements of the season: Santa and poinsettias.
1. Turn terra cotta planers into adorable Santa Pants
Club Chica Circle shows us how easy it is to create these planters that resemble Santa's belly (that shakes when he laughs like a bowl full of jelly). This unique project will surely look great in your home and also be a fun gift to give anyone with children or anyone who's just young at heart.
2. Wrap up a planter in a sweater
HGTV shows us how to use sweaters in all kinds of decorative ways this holiday season. Surely you have an old sweater you don't wear anymore. Why not re-purpose it into a warm and cozy decoration for your planter? Pick just about any succulent to place inside.
3. Cable-knit coziness for your planter
This is another take on the sweater cover for the planter from Homedit. You can see how easy it is to just create a unique look with a few snips. You can mix and match planters in different sizes and sweaters with different textures for more visual interest.
4. Temporary tattoos make amazing terra cotta decor
Paging Fun Mums features a unique idea to use temporary tattoos to decorate terra cotta pots. This would be an amazing gift for the holiday season, you know it would be one-of-a-kind and who doesn't enjoy receiving living plants? They keep giving as the year continues and add a lively beauty to any room.
5. One more, this time with candy!
So, we had to do one with candy. This adorable creation from Live Laugh Rowe is really simple to put together, and you could always put a plant inside instead of candy. The snowman is just so cute and would be the perfect accent to your holiday decor!
Which project are you going to tackle before the holiday? Let us know in the comments and please SHARE with others who might also find these planters inspiring!

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