How to make a DIY wood pallet coffee table (video)

Pallet projects are easy to do and don't cost much money, since pallets are readily available for free outside lots of businesses, through online garage sales, and many other places! You can create a rustic chic coffee table in just 6 easy steps.
Combining the look of natural, rustic wood from a pallet, with a pop of modern color creates visual interest that will really make your coffee table shine. Check out the video below for step-by-step information to get your table ready for your living room.
DIY wood pallet coffee table
1. Remove the pallet slats from the main portion using a hammer and a pry bar. Be sure to take out all the nails and staples and any stray metal that may still be in the wood.
2. Line up four to five slats in the order and color scheme you would like, and cut six blocks to attach them to as cross braces. Nail a supportive piece of wood across the bottom of the braces to keep everything sturdy and square.
3. Use a power sander to sand everything, beginning with the roughest sandpaper, and moving up to the fine-grit sandpaper for a smooth finish.
4. Spray paint the legs in the color of your choice. If you're going to use this table outside or on your porch, be sure to get an exterior spray paint.
5. Apply gel stain to the wood you're leaving natural with an old rag. Apply it evenly, and wipe the excess off as you go. The more coats you do, the darker it looks. Stain will bring out the natural lines in the wood and make the bright legs really stand out.
6. Attach the legs (once they're completely dry) by drilling pilot holes into the end blocks according to the size of your hanger bolts. Attach some straight top plates on each corner for added stability. Screw one side into the table leg and then attach the leg the table.
Pro tip: Once everything is sanded down, it may look too perfect. Take a heavy chain and hit the top of the table a few times to create a weathered texture. Just picking up the chain and dropping it down on the surface will help create a more rustic, outdoorsy look for your custom coffee table.
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