How to make a pallet bed frame (video)

Shabby chic pallet projects are so desirable right now, especially since they're relatively easy to complete and don't cost a lot of money. If you're itching to remake your bedroom or if you're just currently surfing a box spring bed on the floor, you are less than a day away from a brand new look.
You can customize this project to your bed size and of course, pick your color paint to match your existing decor. You can handle this project with just a basic knowledge of DIY projects, and there are no cuts involved! Watch the video below for full instructions to make this easy pallet bed frame.
1. Gather your pallets. You want to look for pallets that have been heat-treated for building projects like this one; you'll be able to tell a pallet has been heat-treated because there will be a little HT stamped on it.
2. Carefully sand each pallet with a power sander. Don't forget to wear your safety gear. You can use elbow grease and sandpaper, but it will take a lot longer. Power sanders are relatively inexpensive, and you will get your money's worth.
3. Spread out a drop cloth or plastic tarp to protect your surface while you paint your pallets.
4. Gather your painting materials. Use your brush to work the paint into the wood. If you're going for the shabby-chic look, be sure not to completely coat the wood slats. Leave some of the wood grain showing through for added interest, or consider wiping or sanding off excess paint to get that worn look.
5. Then, once your pallets are dry, spray polyurethane on the pallet surfaces to keep it protected long-term. Be sure to use polyurethane spray with a water base if you're using lighter colors to avoid yellowing.
6. Wait until the polyurethane is completely dry and attach the bottom layer of your pallets together. Lay each of four pallets slat side up and attach them together at the tops and bottoms horizontally with metal strap ties, making a big square. Drill pilot holes before screwing in your wood screws.
7. Put your four remaining pallets on top of the bottom layer and attach them along the sides vertically. You'll want to drill pilot holes again for easy screw attachment.
8. You can go back and paint over your hardware if you like, or leave it unpainted for a more rustic feel. Now you're ready to put your bed on top of your new frame.
Pro tips: When it comes to sanding, start with heavy grit paper and move up to finer paper. Since this pallet project should look a little rough, you may not want to move to ultra-fine paper and leave it a little unfinished looking. Also, pay attention when you're putting your pallets together that all your slats are facing the same way for a cleaner look.

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