How to knit the ray of honey cable stitch (video tutorial)

The honey cable stitch got its name from its delicate pattern that resembles the hexagonal edges of a honeycomb. And because of these beautiful lines, this stitch is a stunner from up close as it is from afar.
The honey cable stitch is great for just about everything - we love it on hats, blankets, pillowcases and of course scarves. Craftsy says it's also the perfect stitch for just about everyone - as it's easy for beginners to pick up, and unique enough that experienced knitters keep coming back to it for various projects. Plus, it's simple enough that you can do it while watching tv, chatting with friends and family, or doing just about anything else that requires your attention (as most of the rows are just knits and purls).
We also adore this stitch because of the wonderfully cozy, and forgiving fabric it creates in the end. This makes it perfect for toasty-warm mittens and socks. But Craftsy also explains that since the knit is stretchy, if you're making a sweater or other kind of garment you don't have to worry about knitting an exact fit.
Sounds like the perfect stitch to take on, doesn't it? Get started with the honey cable stitch by watching this super easy and fun tutorial by the experts over at New Stitch A Day. Be sure to let us know what you think of it - and tell us what you'd like to knit with this stitch on Facebook!
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