How to make a DIY summer pallet swing bed (video)

If you love swinging in your backyard, why not get really comfortable and go for an inexpensive rustic option? You can relax in style and comfort in the shade with a DIY pallet bed. It's a smart twist on a hammock, because this pallet bed won't be tough to get in and out of, and will also last longer.
All it takes are just a few easy cuts, and you don't have to be a wood-working expert to complete your very own pallet bed. Watch the video below to get complete step-by-step instructions for this DIY project.
How to make a DIY summer pallet swing bed
1. Start with two pallets. If your pallet has uneven spacing, use a hammer and a pry bar or chisel to remove some of the slats. Make sure there aren't any stray pieces of metal by pulling out old staples or nails with the claw end of your hammer. If some nails are sticking out just a little, just hammer them in so they don't snag anything.
2. Measure the pallets to ensure they are large enough for the mattress you plan to use. This DIY project measured a length of 81" with the pallets laid horizontally together for a full-size mattress.
3. Cut through the pallet wood with a circular saw at the 81" mark all the way across.
4. Measure and cut three 2x4s to 85" each. Slide them through the pallets on the ground where the braces are, letting a little hang off each of the edges.
5. Use a power drill to make six pilot holes evenly spaced on each side. Then, attach the 2x4s to the pallet braces using 3" plated, coated deck screws.
6. Drill every slat through to the supporting 2x4s using 2" drywall screws. This will help your pallet bed stay strong and sturdy for longer durability.
7. Attach a spade bit to your power drill and make holes in the four corners of your pallet through the 2x4s.
8. Sand everything thoroughly using either a sand block or a power sander. You don't want to get splinters while you're relaxing on your outdoor bed.
9. Loop and tie rope through two corners on one side of the bed after pulling the rope over a sturdy branch in a well-shaded area of your yard. Then, do the same thing for the other side of the bed.
10. Make sure to level it before tying it off and also make sure it's at a comfortable height for you to get on and off, so you aren't jumping up into the bed. Put on your mattress and pillow, and you're finished!
Pro tip: Use braided polyester rope for your swing, since it holds up exceptionally well to the elements and won't stretch over time. It's also a very strong rope. This will help your bed stay in place longer for you to enjoy!
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