Watch how to make a DIY wrap braided charm bracelet

Brightly colored charm bracelets are everywhere these days. If you want to get in on this trend but don't want to break the bank, there's a simple, inexpensive way to make your own custom bracelet. All you need are a few supplies and about half an hour to put together your very own handmade charm bracelet.
You can mix and match colors or create this project using neutrals if you'd prefer. The charms are completely up to you as well; just make sure they fit on the cord you choose. Watch the full video below for the entire step-by-step process.
Wrap braided charm bracelets
Materials needed
14 charms
Three 32-inch leather cords
Lobster claw (optional)
Jump rings (optional)
Pliers (optional)
1. Grab one end of each 32-inch colored leather cord and hold them together.
2. Loop them around each other and tie a simple knot. Pull it tight, leaving a little bit of the ends hanging.
3. Clip all three of the cords together under the knot you just made. This helps hold it tight while you braid.
4. Create a basic braid, weaving the outside ends over the center piece and swapping as you go.
5. After you've braided six times, slide your first charm onto one of your cords in the outside position. Continue adding charms every six braid sections until you've braided the entire cord.
6. Secure the end with another simple knot and pull it tight.
7. Wrap the braided finished bracelet around your wrist and then tie a knot to attach both ends together.
Pro tip: If you'd like to add a lobster claw or a clasp to the end of the bracelet, just use pliers and some small metal jump rings to attach the cord to the clasp for a more secure, long-lasting bracelet.
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