How to do the foundation single crochet (video & written tutorial)

Fed up with trying to crochet into a tight foundation chain? Bored with chaining 170 stitches before you can even start on an Afghan? Worried that your chaining style leaves your projects scrunched up at the start?
If you've faced any of these problems, you'll love this guide to foundation single crochet, a way to liberate yourself from chains forever. Foundation single crochet is much less tight than chain stitching, so it is easier to work into and keeps projects stretchy - vital for making comfortable and wearable sweaters, hats, and gloves. You can also judge the length or width of a project by eye, instead of having to chain in advance.
DIY Everywhere
Yarn in the color and weight of your choice (video used a medium weight yarn)
Crochet hook that is appropriate for the yarn you use (video used a J hook)
Pro Tip: Don't chain too tight in the beginning because it will be hard to get your hook in the work.
Ch - chain
yo - yarn over
Written Instruction
With your yarn, create a slip knot. After that ch 2. Insert your hook into the first chain of your work, yo, pull through a stitch. Now you should have two stitches on your hook, yo and pull through 1 stitch, yo again and pull through both loops. Now if you turn your work, you will see a stitch that should look like a "V." This is where you will insert your hook for the next fsc. For the next stitch, insert your hook into both sides of the "v" yo and pull through a stitch, yo and pull through 1 stitch, yo again and pull through both loops. Repeat this sequence until your piece is as long or wide as you want to make it.