How to crochet the classic back loop single crochet ripple stitch (video & written pattern)

The classic back loop single crochet ripple stitch may well win the prize for having the longest name in the crochet canon — and another prize for being one of the simplest stitches.
It is a variation on the single crochet ripple, but because only the back loops are used, it produces an interesting raised effect that accentuates the stitch's rich texture and brings out the chevron shape. This stitch looks great made into blankets, pillow covers, and even scarves.
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Any weight yarn. In the video above I use worsted weight.
Hook size that works with your yarn. I use a 5mm.
Pro Tip: Add in random color changes to add some interest to this simple stitch.
BLSC back loop single crochet (a normal single crochet worked into the back loop only)
Ch chain stitch
Sc2tog single crochet 2 together or Sc decrease
st(s) stitch(es)
rep repeat
t turn
Written Pattern
Row 1: Ch any multiple of 17 +15 (in the video I Ch 32), Sc in 2nd Ch from hook and in each of next 5 sts, 3 Sc in next, Sc in next 7 sts, *sk next 2 sts, Sc in next 7 sts, 3 Sc in next st, Sc in next 7 sts, rep from * across, Ch 1, t
***Note: Work in back loops only for the rest of the pattern
Row 2: Sk 1st st, Sc2tog next 2 sts, BLSC in next 5 sts, 3 BLSC in next st, *BLSC in next 7 sts, Skip next 2 sts, BLSC in next 7 sts, 3 BLSC in next st, rep from * across to last 7 sts, BLSC in last 5 sts, Sc2tog in last 2 sts, Ch 1, t
Repeat Row 2 as written until desired length. Finish off & weave ends.

Soft and downy, just right for baby blankets
September 28   ·  
Great for throws!
September 27   ·  
This stitch produces a rich texture and is perfect for scarves.
September 26   ·