Watch how to crochet the lacy ripple stitch (video & written instructions)

Choosing a new stitch for a big project? You're going to love the lacy ripple. This pretty but simple stitch looks really intricate and complicated but actually uses only two main stitches - the treble and the front post double crochet.
You'll pick this one up in no time and be on your way to beautiful throws, afghans, scarves and more.
Watch the lacy ripple stitch video tutorial:
This complex-looking stitch is set off by a plain yarn so that people can really appreciate the pattern. It looks great in a DK or worsted weight yarn. Check your manufacturer's band for hook size suggestions. You'll also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle for weaving in your ends.
* repeat as many times as required
ch chain
FPdc front post double crochet
rep repeat
sk skip
st(s) stitch(es)
tr treble crochet
yo yarn over
Special stitches involved in this pattern
This pattern uses the front post double crochet stitch (FPdc), which is made as follows: yo, insert hook behind post of st on previous row, then bring hook out between this st and the one next to it. This will push the post of the st forward. Now finish the dc stitch as usual. This creates a raised pattern pushing forward the posts of the stitches.
Written instructions
Ch 23 sts, then chain in multiples of 17 until you reach the size required for your project.
Row 1: 2 tr in 6th ch from hook. 2 tr in next 2 sts. *(sk st, tr) 5 times, sk st, (2 tr in next st) 6 times. *Rep until last 4 sts. 2 tr in first 3 sts, then 1 tr in last stitch of row. Ch 2 & turn.
Row 2: FPdc in all sts. Ch 4 and turn.
Row 3: 2 tr in next 3 sts, *(sk st, tr) 5 times, sk st, (2 tr in next st) 6 times. *Rep until last 4 sts. 2 tr in first 3 sts, then 1 tr in last stitch. Ch 2 & turn.
Row 4: FPDC in all sts, ch 4 and turn.
Repeat rows 3 & 4 until your project reaches the desired size.

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