The fastest way to crochet a scarf (video)

Watch the video above to learn to crochet a scarf in 1 hour.
Crochet scarves are fun to make but usually take a while - make this extra long, fuzzy scarf in an hour with thick yarn and a big hook! You'll be warm before you know it.
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Super Bulky weight yarn (6). I used Homespun Thick & Quick. Use 1 full skein.
Size 25mm crochet hook.
Jumbo tapestry needle.
Pro Tip: Use a self striping yarn (like the one in the video) to get an ombre color change effect with no extra effort!
Pro Tip: Keep your tension loose & relaxed - if you are tightening down your stitches on this project, it won't come out with the right drape and shape.
Ch chain stitch
Sc single crochet
St(s) Stitch(es)
T turn
Written Pattern
Row 1: Ch 9, Sc in 2nd and across, Ch 1, t (8)
Rows 2-end of the skin: Sc in each st across, Ch 1, t (8)
Once your skein is about to run out, finish off at the end of the row & weave ends.

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