Watch how to crochet the zig zag puff stitch (video & written instructions)

The zig zag puff stitch is a perfectly puffy way to crochet an adorable baby blanket, make a cuddly pillow cover or create a snuggly throw.
Using a back and forth, puff stitch technique, the zig zag style creates an almost braided pattern that makes the surface of your project really cushiony soft and irresistible.
Watch the zig zag puff stitch tutorial:
You can use any yarn for this project, but be wary of going too chunky as you will lose definition and it may be hard to create the puffs. A DK or similar weight is ideal. If you'd like to make your project extra cuddly, you could try a fluffy or mohair yarn. Check your manufacturer's band for hook size suggestions. You will also need a pair of scissors and a tapestry needle for weaving in ends.
*repeat from here as many times as required
ch chain
dc double crochet
PS puff stitch
rep repeat
sc single crochet
sk skip
yo yarn over
Special stitches involved in this pattern
To create a puff stitch, insert your hook into the stitch and pull up a loop, yo, repeat twice. You should now have 6 loops on your hook. Yo and pull through all 6 loops. Ch 1 to secure.
Written instructions
This stitch is made in multiples of 3 + 2, so start by creating a foundation chain the right size for your project.
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from the hook and in all sts across. Ch 3 & turn.
Row 2: sk 2 sts and dc into 3rd st. Ch 2, and go back to PS into 1st sc of row. *Sk 2 sts and dc into 3rd stitch, PS into st into which you put previous dc. *Rep along row. Dc into last st, ch 2 and PS in previous dc as normal. Ch 3 and turn.
Row 3: sk to 2nd PS and dc, ch 2 and back to PS into 1st PS. *Sk next PS and dc into next PS. Ch 2, back up and PS into skipped PS. *Rep along row. Dc into last st, ch 2 and PS in previous PS. Ch 3 and turn.
Repeat row 3 until project reaches desired size.