You're doing it all wrong. How to grow cucumbers the right vertical way

Growing cucumbers is an easy way to have access to healthy vegetables for your salads and soups. But if you're not growing your cucumbers vertically, you could be missing out. Growing them vertically saves space, produces more veggies, and makes it easier to harvest your bounty, according to North County Farmer.
If you want to save space and grow more veggies, follow these simple tips.
Choose a sunny location: Cucumbers hate the cold. Wait to plant them outdoors until after the freezing weather has passed. Choose a sunny location for your plant.
Try a trellis: To plant them vertically, use a trellis or wire cage -- they're ideal for your cucumbers as they climb, allowing plenty of space for growth. You can also use a tomato cage. Urban Organic Gardner notes that growing bush cucumbers could take up as much as 20 feet of land, while growing upward takes far less space. Choose vining varieties instead.
You can grow them in a container: You can grow cucumbers in a container. You'll want to add a post to the container to steady the vines.
Support matters: When growing your cucumbers vertically, the most important thing to remember is that the vines need a sturdy support. Choose a sturdy base, like a trellis made of two-by-fours, and loosely secure the vines to the support until they grow sturdy enough to support themselves.
Water well: Cucumbers should be watered very well, and regularly. This will protect their flavor.
Watch the leaves: Cucumbers grow fast and can produce a lot of vegetables. Regularly check under the leaves of the plant to see if a cucumber is growing. You don't want to miss a veggie and have it go bad before you can use it.
What's your favorite way to eat a cucumber? If you know someone who wants to try their hand at small-space gardening, make sure to share these tips with them on Facebook.

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