Stop throwing out empty Coke cans. Use these 13 brilliant ideas and reuse them instead

When most people finish their Cokes, they typically toss the empty cans into the trash (or recycle bin) with little thought. After all, what could you possibly do with an empty soda can?
As it turns out, you can do quite a bit with empty soda cans, especially in crafting/DIY. Here are 13 reasons to keep those Coke cans around.
1. Recycled Coke can popcorn maker
Stuck on a camping trip with no way to pop your favorite treat? This fun trick turns two soda cans into a functioning popcorn maker. Use a knife to make a few cuts (and mind the resulting sharp edges). Check out the tutorial for the full instructions before your next camping trip!
2. Coke can stove
Your empty Coke can will come in handy for the next zombie apocalypse ... or when you're just camping and hiking. With just five or six materials, you can make a Coke stove. Get the full tutorial here.
3. Coke can tea light
Turn an empty can into a DIY light for your bedside. See the tutorial here.
4. Coke can pop art
This funky art project looks best when you use a few different soda brands. The contrast of colors really makes it pop. This version, from Domestik Goddess, uses a standard mirror and a plywood frame. The labels are attached with contact adhesive.
5. Santa cupcakes
Who doesn't love a good holiday craft? This adorable project from Living Locurto uses mini Coke cans and free printables. The ring tabs make cute belt buckles. This project requires no metal cutting, so it's a kid-friendly craft.
6. Coke can Christmas angel
This sweet ornament looks really classy even though it's made from an old can! Cut the can into three different pieces to get the right design, as instructed by Holiday Happy. ​
7. Coke can tab bracelet
Create a little bling without the ka-ching using the metal tabs from 20 to 25 cans, along with two pieces of ribbon, scissors, and tape. DIY Fashion recommends using two different pieces of ribbon for a little extra flair.
8. Drink can butterflies
These stunning butterflies would look amazing in a small picture frame or hung from a string on the front porch. You can even use your artistic skills to personalize each butterfly. Clintonmc notes that, while you can use any soda can, the cans here are made of different materials. (For example, a Coke can is aluminum, and a Pepsi can is steel.)
9. Coke can cookie cutters
This fun craft from DIY Home Sweet Home turns old soda cans into something the whole family can enjoy. Use your creativity to get the shapes you want for your next baking project. This website recommends superglue to hold the ends together, but consider a food-grade glue instead to be safe.
10. Pop tab lamp
This glamorous lamp looks expensive and sleek, but the tabs used to make it are easy to find and easy on the budget.  The 3 Rs Blog recommends snagging a cheap lampshade (white or transparent) at a store and using hot glue to layer the tabs all the way around. Colored tabs add variety.
11. Coke can lanterns
These lanterns look really cute in a variety of colors, but a few Diet Coke cans give a sleek black/white look. If you want to personalize them even more, Dollar Store Crafts recommends spray-painting them and allowing them to dry before you begin cutting.
12. Coke can pencil holders
It's almost impossible to believe that these cute pencil holders are made out of cans! After slicing off the tops of the cans and washing the insides, the 3Rs Blog recommends coating each can with a dark spray paint before applying the cutout. Sheet cork looks really nice and professional, but you could use any type of firm fabric.
13. Coke can vases
Spray-paint cans to turn them into flower vases. You can even go for the crushed effect.
How cute are these uses for old soda cans? If you love these ideas, don't forget to share them with your friends on Facebook.

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