10 ways to reuse old milk jugs. Change the way you garden forever

Some households go through at least a gallon of milk a week, but there's no need to throw all those jugs away when they can be repurposed? Milk jugs aren't the most aesthetically pleasing items, but they make perfect gardening tools and accessories.
The plastic used for these jugs is thick and sturdy, so you can use them for a variety of purposes -- from shovels to pots. Plus, they are easy enough to paint and spruce up. If you do want to improve their look, it's super simple.
We've scoured the web for the best milk jug DIY's out there, so don't look any further. Check out our list below to jump-start your next project.
1. Watering jug
Instead of tossing out that milk jug, next time use it as a watering jug. All you need to do is poke some holes in the top, fill it with water and you're ready to go.
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2. Milk jug feeder
Repurpose that old milk jug by turning it into a bird feeder. This is a super easy project and one you can get the kids involved in too. We love how they painted the openings here with different colors. Spruce yours up too after following the simple DIY at Juggling Act Mama.
3. Milk jug planters
We love how they hung these planters right from a lattice because it spruces up this otherwise thrifty look. Once you complete this DIY, fill these jugs up with your favorite household herbs or pretty flowers. It's sure to brighten up your yard either way.
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4. Upcycled flower pots
This is another fun project to get the kids involved in. You can paper mache the outside, cover it with stickers or get creative with paint. By the time you're done with this project, no one will even know it used to be a milk jug.
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5. Shovel jugs
Cut up and repurpose that old milk jug by turning it into a garden shovel or a sweep pan for the home. The plastic of the jug is nice and sturdy, so this DIY is bound to last a while.
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6. Scoop jugs
Once you cut off the side to make a small garden shovel, use the top as a nice big scoop for birdseed, mulch, sand or anything else you have bagged and hanging around.
7. Plant labels
If you've already used the jug for another project, take the leftovers and use them for plant labels. Cut the leftovers into strips, then grab a permanent marker and you're ready to label all your gardens plants. Super simple!
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8. Hanging tomato planter
You've probably seen these hanging tomato plants before, but why pay for one when you can make it yourself? Even better, make it out of something you were going to throw away! This DIY is quick and easy, and you're going to love the results. Check out the project here.
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9. Potting hack
This hack is one of the smartest we've seen yet. Next time you have one of those big pots to fill, stuff the bottom with milk jugs. This way, that big planter isn't filled with tons of (expensive) and heavy soil -- only enough for the plant.
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10. Mini greenhouse
When you first plant a seedling, sometimes they need a little help along the way. Next time this happens, cut off the bottom of a milk jug and use it to make a little greenhouse over your plant. This will help keep it nice and warm so that it grows into a healthy plant.
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