14 nifty ways to reuse old pillowcases

Before you throw your old pillowcase in the trash, think about all the ways you could prolong its life. Maybe not as a pillowcase, but for other great uses.
Start searching for all of your old pillowcases that have been collecting dust in the closet. Pop out your craft supplies, and let's get down to business! We have 14 fun and handy ideas for you to get started.
1. Upcycle for reusable grocery bags (h/t Grow Mama)
Say no to plastic bags and follow this simple tutorial to create a reusable grocery bag. Perfect for a relaxing trip to the farmer's market or an afternoon at the beach. It is easy to store in your purse or car since it folds up nicely. Watch the video below for the full tutorial.
2. Get comfy with pillowcase floor cushions
What better way to decorate the interior of your home than with these adorable floor cushions. Simply get five old pillowcases and sew them together. Insert the pillows and voila! You've got yourself a comfy DIY floor cushion. Find the project here.
3. Make a child's dress (h/t Pretty Prudent)
Have you been searching high and low for unique, easy-to-sew dresses for your little one? Look no more; we've got you covered. The video below demonstrates how to make a dress out of a pillowcase.
4. Make a cute skirt (h/t Bella Dia)
Making your own clothes is a great project, but how crazy does it sound to make a skirt out of a pillowcase? Wait, sorry, there is no such word as crazy when it comes to crafting! Transform an old pillowcase into a fashionable skirt by watching the video below.
5. Sew an apron (h/t Fave Crafts)
Can you believe that this takes only 10 minutes to create? Grab a pillowcase with a lovely design of your choice, a matching strand of ribbon and your sewing machine. Then follow this quick video tutorial.
6. Create a nice top for the summer (h/t Makezine)
Transform your old pillowcases into fashionable tops for summer. We bet people will be asking you where you got your top from. It would be interesting to watch their faces when you tell them you made it out of a pillowcase! Find the full tutorial in the video below!
7. Turn them into a storage box
Organize your space with these DIY storage boxes. All you need is some cardboard and a pillowcase. Use this project as the impetus to organize your belongings!
8. Make a laundry bag
Do you have 15 minutes to spare? If so, this great DIY is perfect for you.
9. Make reusable cocktail napkins
Opt for these bright and fancy cocktail napkins rather than boring paper napkins for your next social event. Cut a pillowcase into squares to create napkins that you can use again and again for years to come. You don't want to miss this awesome DIY!
10. Create a garment bag
Protect your delicate clothing with these pillowcase garment bags. No need to spend money on not-so-pretty garment bags. Check out the quick and easy tutorial here.
11. Make a unique Santa sack
Do you have any old pillowcases with Christmas designs? Or even in red or green colors? If so, you can create your own Santa sack by following this super easy tutorial. It's always good to get Christmas ready months in advance before the pressure is on.
12. Recycle them into tea towels
Turn your old pillowcases into tea towels for your kitchen. Your pillowcase will have a new life and purpose in a different part of your home. Follow these steps for this great project, and you'll have a whole stack of "new" tea towels.
13. Make a drawstring hamper
Using an embroidery hoop and a pillowcase, this simple tutorial shows how to make a practical drawstring hamper for your home. Plus it would make a super cute Mother's Day gift, or a housewarming present.
14. Sew coat hanger slips
Make your wire coat hangers look much cuter with these pillowcase coat hanger slips. Choose the design you like, and color coordinate. Get creative! Here is the full tutorial to get you going.
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