11 ways to repurpose old tin cans

Every household goes through tin cans. You probably do your best to recycle them, but there's actually a lot of better uses for them. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best DIY projects from around the web to help you put those used cans to good use.
These things aren't so pretty to begin with. But we made sure to find the best projects to upcycle these dirty cans into gleaming, colorful and fun crafts you use around the house and garden.
1. Kitchen herb garden
Turn your shiny and tiny tin cans into miniature herb gardens. These fit perfectly in the window, so you can easily water and care for them. Plus they actually look really cute in those silver cans. Get the tutorial here.
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2. Can organizer
We can't get enough of this DIY! Paint the tin cans your favorite color, then follow the super-easy instructions here. You can fill them with craft supplies, desk supplies or even kitchen utensils. No one will believe this was made out of old tin cans!
3. Tea lights
These rustic tea lights look like something you'd pay a pretty penny for at a department store. Lucky for you, all you need is a little paint, time and elbow grease to achieve this look. Check out the DIY here.
4. Bird feeder
Why go out and buy a bird feeder when you can make one quickly and easily? Grab a used tin can and some twine, and you're ready to go. Your neighborhood birds will love it! Check out the project here.
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5. Centerpieces
Look at how pretty this is! We adore how they've spray-painted the tin cans an array of golden colors. This look is country and shabby-chic, and it will make a great indoor or outdoor centerpiece. Find the project here.
6. Hanging vases
When you make a hanging vase piece, you need containers that are nice and light. What's great about using tin cans is that they're light but also durable. So you can leave this outside, and it will weather beautifully. Check out the DIY.
Add a little bit of paint and turn it into a colorful vertical wall garden:​
7. Candles
This DIY shows you how to make citronella candles, but you can really make whatever kind you like. Plus you can get creative with decorating the outside of the can too.
8. Beer holders
This project is really easy and very useful. Take them along to your next tailgate or outdoor game, or just use them in the backyard during your next barbecue. Check out the project here.
9. Robot craft
This is a great craft for a rainy day with the kids. Use stickers, yarn and other odds and ends you have around the house for endless fun and possibilities.
10. Lamps
This project makes a great little desk lamp. Decorate it with your favorite pattern, plug in a bulb and a few other electrical elements, and you're good to go. It's really a lot simpler than you think! Check out the DIY here.
11. Tin can bowling
Turn "junk" tin cans into a super-fun event that the whole family can enjoy!
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