11 nifty ways to reuse old vintage handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are irresistible to collect. They're dainty, delicate and oh so pretty! Yet most people do not end up using them a lot today. They have become accessories that you forget about. However, handkerchiefs can be very functional and decorative. Here's a list of ten DIY tasks that you can use your handkerchiefs for.
Now, we've searched the web for the best DIY projects to put those pretty pieces of cloth to use. From window valances to bracelets and wall art, handkerchiefs can be more useful than you realize. In fact, you're probably going to run out of handkerchiefs before you can complete this list!
1. Party banners
Party banners are all the rage right now. We love the vintage twist on party banners by using these old handkerchiefs. It's funky and fun, and they'll look great wherever you hang them.
2. Bracelets
Braided and colorful, these bracelets make a fun DIY and great gifts too. The best part is you can make multiple bracelets out of a single handkerchief. Check out the DIY here
3. Baby burp cloth
Burp cloths aren't the most glamorous thing, but you can make them at least appear that way with a little DIY project.
4. Vintage jewelry pouch
This project is creative and fun. Upcycle an old hankerchief into a cute jewelry pouch. Check out this simple DIY project here.
5. Window valance
This is one of the most charming window valances we've seen yet! There's almost no better way to display and admire your favorite old handkerchiefs than this. Find out how to create this look here.
6. Pillows
Use your most beautiful and soft handkerchiefs to create nice fluffy pillows. These will look great strewn across your living room or piled on your bed! Check out the project here.
7. Table runner
Isn't this the cutest? We love how they've created this runner so that the handkerchiefs are a bit askew - it's whimsical and fun. Get this shabby-chic look by checking out this simple DIY.
8. A patchwork scarf
Create a nice long, flowy scarf out of your favorite old handkerchiefs. You can make this really fun by mixing and matching all different patterns. It's a great way to repurpose them into something totally new.
9. Wall art
Hang your favorite patterns up on the wall so you can admire them all the time. We like the white mat they've used here, but you can use different colors and frames too. Find the super simple project here.
10. Coasters
These are pretty and useful. Breathe new life into your old handkerchiefs by turning them into something you'll use all the time. They are so pretty and unique that they are sure to be a conversation starter! Check out the project here.
11. Patchwork apron
This apron is so pretty that you'll almost want to avoid getting it dirty while getting creative in the kitchen. This project is too cute to resist though, so check out the simple DIY here. ​
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