15 brilliant ways to recycle old CDs

Nowadays we have the opportunity to download songs and stream movies. This means that we no longer need to buy compact CDs. So what do we do with the stack of CDs we have stashed in our home?
Instead of throwing them away, there are many ways you can recycle them. Here are 15 DIY projects that you can do to create new things from your old CDs.
1. Create mosaic ornaments
Create these beautiful mosaic ornaments from your old CDs that will be perfect for the holiday season. Check out the full tutorial here.
2. Make a mirror
Look how amazing this mirror looks! The way it catches the light so beautifully is amazing. All you need is a mirror and lots of CDs that you have broken into pieces. Then use a hot glue to stick them on. Here is the tutorial.
3. Make coasters
Aren't these coasters lovely? What is great about this project is that you can customise the coasters to your own taste. Place them on your coffee table, kitchen, or give them as a gift. Check out the DIY tutorial here.
4. Create colorful sun catchers
CDs are perfect to use for sun catchers because of their reflective surface. They are also nice and light, making them sway in the breeze. Check out the tutorial here.
5. Make a mosaic flower pot
With about 3 old CDs, you can break them into pieces to create this mosaic flower pot. Follow this tutorial to get started.
6. Make a woven dreamcatcher
Are you into weaving? This brilliant tutorial on how to use old CDs to make a dreamcatcher is perfect! The dreamcatcher can be hung above your bed, or near your window. It is also a great gift for birthdays and the holiday season.
7. Create a bird bath
This gorgeous bird bath would be a lovely addition to your garden. It is a simple and easy project which you can find here.
8. Make a kitchen backsplash
Want a unique kitchen backsplash? This mosaic CD backsplash will reflect the sunlight and create rainbow colors. How dreamy! Check out the tutorial here.
9. Make a peacock
If you have kids, this is a perfect craft activity for them. Instead of throwing away your CDs, let the kids have fun with them by making this cute peacock. Check out the quick and simple tutorial here.
10. Make wind spinners
These wind spinners will capture light reflections as they spin, producing an array of bright colors. Perfect as a gift and a fun craft activity for kids. Here is the tutorial.
11. Make ladybugs
Another great craft activity for kids are these ladybugs made from CDs and felt. Finish them off with big googly eyes. Check out this fun project here.
12. Create a disco ball
Have you always wanted your own disco ball? Well you can make one using your old CDs. With a large styrofoam ball, CD pieces, and hot glue, follow this simple tutorial.
13. Make a Christmas wreath
Want a Christmas wreath that is different to the rest? Try this tutorial. It is a quick project and will make your front door looking very festive.
14. Make a button snail
How cute is this snail? This is a cool project for kids. All you need is paper, colorful buttons, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Check out the DIY tutorial here.
15. Decorate a coffee table
Want to glam up your old coffee table? Why not stick CD pieces on the table top to create this design. Just add on a glass overlay over the top so that you have a smooth surface. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
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