How to grow green onions in containers (video)

Green onions are super versatile and can be grown just about anywhere. Including indoors in a container. And the best part? You can start them from your kitchen scraps!
They are the easier food scrap to regrow, making them a fun DIY project to try. Especially if you've never tried growing anything yourself. All you need is some basic supplies, a sunny location, and a little patience. In a couple of weeks, you'll have tasty new green onions to eat.
Time it takes to grow: 2 weeks
- green onions
- jar/glass
- water
- containers
- potting soil
1. Remove root ends
Cut the end off of the green onion using a sharp knife, about 1/4" above where the white part starts. Discard the green section or use it in your favorite recipe.
2. Place in water
Put about 1/2" of water in a clear heavy walled drinking glass or canning jar. Gently place the cut roots in the water, with the roots splayed out slightly so the roots are facing downward. Make sure the top, cut portion is up above the water line. Place near a sunny window.
3. Watch for new growth
Change the water in the glass/jar every 3 days to avoid the water getting greasy, watching for new, green growth. By about a week your onions should have 1-2" of new growth on the tops of them.
4. Plant in soil
Fill containers with a couple inches of potting soil. Make a divot in the center of the potting soil in which to plant the green onion roots. Place roots in the hole and fill in with soil around it with your fingers, slightly packing it around the plant.
5. Water when dry
When the top of the potting soil feels dry to the touch, water each container with about 1" of water.
6. Harvest
When the tops are between 6-8" tall and the bulb begins to swell slightly, pull the green onion from the soil and enjoy.
It's super easy to grow your own green onions from your kitchen scraps! This video and instructions will walk you through it step by step, helping to make your onions grow.
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