Stop throwing out rubber bands. Here are 15 genius uses

Rubber bands don't look like they can do much at first, but they are fabulously versatile. You can put them to a thousand different uses. Rubber bands will last a long time, so don't think of them as disposable.
It turns out it's better for the environment if you can put them to use for as long as they remain stretchy and intact. If you have too many rubber bands in your drawers, this list is for you. Keep reading to find out 15 surprising uses for rubber bands.
1. Mark drinks at a party
If you have a little collection of different colored rubber bands, stretch them around your glass to avoid mix-ups. You can see at a glance if you've picked up the right one.
2. Keep doors unlatched
This one is especially useful if you have little children in the house who may be able to pull a door shut but are not capable of operating the handle to open it again. By configuring the rubber band as shown by Instructables, the door will stay unlatched.
3. Keep sliced apples fresh
Keep sliced apples tightly packed like this to prevent the flesh from being exposed to the air and stop it from going brown. Thanks to TreeHugger for this suggestion.
4. Keep paint can clean
This idea comes from Brightnest, which suggests stretching a rubber band vertically around the center of a paint can. When you need to wipe excess paint off the brush, wipe it on the band – it'll drip back into the paint and keep the sides of the can clean.
5. Turn pages more easily
If you're getting stuck into study or a good novel and you're finding your fingers slipping when you want to turn the page, try winding a rubber band around the end of your finger. (Just make sure it's not too tight.) The rubber will make turning pages a breeze.
6. DIY hands-free phone kit
Use a rubber band to attach your phone to the dashboard. The phone will be convenient to see.
7. Limit the soap dispenser
This is one is great for parents, because according to Simply Modern Mom, little kids are notorious for pumping great handfuls of soap. This rubber band trick limits the amount that can come out.
8. Keep stemware safe in the dishwasher
Keep stemware upright by wrapping rubber bands around the glasses. You can do them one long line like in the picture or individually by looping a rubber band over part of the glass rack and then over the glass itself.
9. Keep chopping board steady
Sometimes a chopping board can slide around on the countertop, but not if you stretch a couple of rubber bands around it. The rubber will grip to the countertop and keep the board steady, according to Brightnest.
10. Keep ribbons tidy.
TreeHugger notes that a rubber band wrapped around the spool will stop those ends from unraveling.
11. Keep utensils high and dry
It's a pain when the spoon slips down into the mixing bowl and becomes sticky with food, but you can stop this. Simply wrap a thick rubber band around the handle.
12. Use it as a bookmark
Just stretch a rubber band around the section you've read to mark your place. Even if you drop the book, the rubber band will stay in place.
13. Secure tea bags
It happens all the time: The paper tab at the end of the strings slips into your tea and ends up at the bottom of the cup. But that's not going to happen if you have a rubber band around your mug to keep it in place.
14. Open stubborn lids
Stretching a rubber band around the lid of a jar makes it much easier to grip.
15. Keep clothes on their hangers
Sometimes silky tops slip off the ends of the hanger and you find them rumpled in the bottom of your wardrobe – but no more! Brightnest suggests looping a rubber band over each end of the hanger to keep clothes on more securely.
Rubber bands have so many uses, and these are just a few. My grandmother always put one on her wrist when she needed to remember something - then every time she saw the rubber band on her wrist it would remind her! We'd love to hear from you in the comments - how do you use yours?
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