Don't throw away your old towels. Here are 16 amazing ways to give them new life

If you're like most people, you have old towels lying around your home that you just haven't gotten around to tossing out yet. Before you send them to their grave, consider a few ideas.
We have collected 16 nifty DIY tutorials on how to repurpose old towels. These projects are great for people of all ages and craft levels. You can turn your old towels into washcloths, bags, bibs and even cats. Yes, folks, cats. Read on for your next potential DIY project.
1. Turn it into a washcloth
You may never need to purchase a new washcloth again. What a great way to save money and be eco-friendly. Here is the tutorial to get you started.
2. Repurpose as a bath mat
We are in love with this colorful bath mat! It is so soft and luscious. Check out this full tutorial on how to make one (includes a video tutorial too!).
3. Turn it into spa slippers
These soft, fluffy slippers are perfect for chilly weather. Make your own using your old bath towels by following this easy DIY tutorial. All you need is a pair of old flip-flops, batting and sewing skills.
4. Make a bath pouf
Recycle your old towels into bath poufs. These scrubbies make perfect shower buddies. Imagine how many scrubbies you can make out of an old towel. You will soon be on your way to saving the earth. Hooray to eco-friendly projects! Here is the tutorial to get you started.
5. Make a beach bag
Have a good 20 minutes to spare? Check out this tutorial by MakeZine to create this towel beach bag. Toss in your favorite drinks and novel, and head down to the beach.
6. Turn it into a Swiffer cover
Turn your old towels into these reusable Swiffer covers. Take a towel or any piece of cotton fabric, create your cover, then when you're done cleaning, just toss it in the wash. These also make great gifts. Use cute towels to make cleaning up a little bit more fun. Check out the easy DIY tutorial here.
7. Make a spa towel wrap
This simple sewing project is perfect for sewers of all ages and levels. Here is the easy DIY tutorial by Centsational Girl. This spa towel wrap is a great gift for ladies who love a good relaxing soak.
8. Bath mat
Recycle your old towels to recreate these fantastic bath rugs. What is great about this project is that it is eco-friendly, simple and aesthetically pleasing. We love the chic look! Check out the tutorial here.
9. Create a bib
Sew these cute bibs for the baby in your life using this tutorial. It is a simple DIY that's perfect for beginner sewers. These bibs make fantastic baby shower gifts. Give it a try.
10. Make pot holders
Pot holders are handy in the kitchen, especially when you're taking the lids off hot, steamy pots. Use your old towel and some patterned cotton to create these lovely pot holders. Here is the tutorial.
11. Make towel cats
How cute are these towel cats? These are perfect for kids or a gift for a cat lover in your life. Check out the quick and easy tutorial here.
12. Make a pillow
Go through your old towels for interesting color and pattern combinations to create your own eco-friendly pillows. Use them to decorate your sofa or outdoor benches. Check out this tutorial.
13. Turn it into a cloth caddy
If you want to get organized but lack storage space, this cloth caddy is your solution. Hang it behind your door or from a handle or on the wall, and voilà! You've got yourself some neat storage. Get the full tutorial here.
14. Make a kitchen towel
Class up your kitchen with this towel made from your old towel and cotton fabric. Follow this detailed tutorial to make your own.
15. Create a watch band
Who knew you could use an old towel to make a watch band with some simple sewing? Here is the DIY tutorial to get you started.
16. Repurpose as a pet cushion
If you've got a furry friend, turn your old towels into their new cushion with this fun and easy project by National Hospitality. Gather your old towels and create many sets of cushions for all the fur buddies in your home.