Stop throwing out old egg cartons. Here are 11 impressive ways to reuse them

Many households will go through a lot of egg cartons in a month. Imagine how many egg cartons are being thrown out each year? Yes, that is a lot. Instead of tossing them away, repurpose them. How on earth can I reuse egg cartons? You will be surprised at the versatility of egg cartons.
We have scoured the web for the best 11 DIY projects to recycle old egg cartons. From mirrors to drawer organizers to imitation succulents, there are a wide range of amazing projects that you can do. Read on for some inspiration, and let's reduce the amount of egg cartons that get thrown to waste.
1. Make a wreath
Spring has sprung! This egg carton wreath is a great addition to your home. Hang it on your wall or your front door to give your home a bright and colorful look. You don't even have to worry about your blooms dying because these blooms will live on for a long time. Check out the full tutorial here.
2. Make a turkey
If you have kids, this is a perfect project to do with them. Create these colorful turkeys with this fun and easy tutorial by Living Well Mom.
3. Create a sewing kit
Make your own mini sewing kit out of an old egg carton. With little compartments, this is a great way to keep your sewing necessities all in one place. More inspiration over here.
4. Make a mirror
Do you have lots of old egg cartons laying around? This is a great eco-friendly way to beautify your mirror. Look how awesome this looks. Find more inspiration here.
5. Make a caddy for candy and chocolate
Using paper wrap and ribbon, turn your old egg carton into a cute caddy for candy and chocolate. Follow this easy DIY tutorial here.
6. Turn it into a bird feeder
Repurposing your egg cartons into bird feeders is a great way to recycle while feeding birds. It's a win-win situation. You need very few supplies to create this eco-friendly project. Here is how you get started.
7. Make little herb pots
Bring nature indoors with these little herb pots. These are perfect to sit on your windowsill and also a great kids craft project. Check out the quick and easy tutorial here.
8. Make drawer dividers
Keeping things organized in your drawers can be a mission but with these egg carton dividers, life can't get any simpler (and your mind won't be in havoc!). These are perfect to store small items such as coins, paper clips, keys and tacks. More inspiration here.
9. Create a succulent
How cute is this project? Make your own succulent out of your old egg cartons. This will look perfect on your windowsill, bedside table and garden. Here is the tutorial.
10. Make a Christmas ornament organizer
We can all relate to the day after the holidays when we have to pack up the Christmas tree and have ornaments scattered all over the place. Create your own ornament organizer with your old egg cartons by following the tutorial here by Make Life Lovely.
11. Make roses
This project is perfect if you want to decorate your home with flowers that have an infinite life span. These egg carton roses are painted with acrylic white and light brown paint to create a rustic look. You can paint them any color you wish. Check out the easy and quick tutorial here.
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