Why you must grow cucamelons right now

These fruits may look like a watermelon that's been hit with a shrink ray, but they're actually more closely related to cucumber, at least in taste and texture. When eaten these adorable fruits taste like cucumber, with a little tang. This central-American fruit isn't modified or manipulated: they've been growing these babies (see what I did there...) for centuries.
This fruit affectionately referred to as sandita's (little watermelons) are easy to grow. Once planted, they take a bit to grow, but they can reach up to 10-feet with little effort on your part.
Health benefits of cucamelons
Fruit, as a food group, is generally considered a healthy choice because it's low(er) in calories and high in fiber and healthy minerals. The cucamelon is no different. This fruit is a source of several useful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants like:
Lycopene: This phytochemical/antioxidant can help improve heart functions.
Beta-carotene: This antioxidant helps keep your skin looking young, improves heart function and can aid in maintaining healthy eyes.
How to grow cucamelons
Growing cucamelons is pretty simple. You can plant them outside once the threat of frost has passed or start them in a pot (in early spring) and transplant them outdoors.
Plant one seed in a small pot (or with about 6 inches of space or so between them outside). Remember, you aren't going to see a sprout for about three to four weeks. The seeds take a little longer to germinate.
Once your vines start to grow, you'll need to attach them (gently) to a trellis. They'll grow around the trellis and support themselves over time. Water this fruit regularly (at least until firmly established). The fruit is drought resistant so if you skip a watering or two, later on, they'll be fine.
One important note: this fruit will take over your entire garden. Make sure to prune and trim your plant every season if you want to keep them under control, according to HomeGrown Revolution.
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