Dryer sheets aren't just for laundry. Here are 11 other surprising uses

Everyone knows that dryer sheets can freshen up your clothes, but did you know that they can also freshen up other areas of your home? With a little creativity, dryer sheets can be used for a slew of other purposes outside the laundry room.
Ready to take your dryer sheet usage to the next level? Here are 11 uses that will guarantee you'll never see dryer sheets the same way again.
1. Dust blinds. Dusting the blinds can be a tedious chore, but a dryer sheet makes it easy. Simply run it gently over your blinds, and the absorbent power of the dryer sheet will take care of the rest for you.
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2. Clean stainless steel. To buff away fingerprints and smudges, simply wipe a dryer sheet over your stainless steel items and they'll look as good as new. This is especially helpful for refrigerator handles and other appliances that are heavily used.
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3. Remove deodorant stains. We all know that feeling: you try to swipe on some deodorant and end up getting it all over your shirt in the process. By balling up a dryer sheet — a used one works better — and rubbing the affected area, the stain will disappear in no time.
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4. Wipe away dead bugs. After a long trip, you're bound to see dead bugs splattered all over your windshield. Instead of taking a trip to the carwash, you can simply wipe them away with a dryer sheet!
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5. Prevent knotted thread. It's almost impossible to get knots out of thread while you're sewing, but running a dryer sheet over it beforehand can help prevent tangles in the first place.
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6. Clean up messes. Cleaning up spills in the kitchen is no fun, but dryer sheets can help absorb flour, cornstarch, and other messes to make cleaning a little bit easier.
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7. Polish hardware. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets and shower doors, a dryer sheet can do the trick. Used dryer sheets work wonders for removing water marks on faucets, and a wet dryer sheet can clean soap scum on shower doors.
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8. Remove toilet rings. Showers and faucets aren't the only things in the bathroom that can benefit from dryer sheets — they can even freshen up your toilet. Scrubbing the inside of the bowl can eliminate toilet rings and clean those hard-to-reach areas.
9. Keep clothes fresh. Clothes tend to lose their freshness soon after they're washed, so place a dryer sheet anywhere they could use a boost —whether it's in your luggage, your closet, or your gym bag.
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10. Clean pots and pans. If you've got baked-on grease, soap and water may not be strong enough to do the trick. To clean even the toughest messes, fill your pots and pans with water and then leave a dryer sheet in them overnight. By morning, the grease will have loosened enough to wipe away easily.
11. DIY air freshener. Just one dryer sheet can freshen up a whole room. Place the sheet over a fan or air conditioning unit to help eliminate pet or cooking odors and make any room smell fresh again.
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