Grab some glass pebbles. Here are 8+ nifty projects going viral

You know those cheap glass pebbles that they sell in bulk at craft stores? Well, there are tons of ways to use them to create something beautiful. And the best part is that these crafts will add a little glitz to your home without breaking the bank.
So head to the craft store and pick up a bunch of these babies! With a list of 10 ways to use these glass pebbles, you'll be ready to get crafting!
1. Glass magnets
Spice up your refrigerator door with these cuties! This project from Stampin Fool turns glass pebbles into fun magnets with patterned paper.
2. Mosaic window pane
For this project, you'll need a ton of glass pebbles, a window pane, some grout, and a whole lot of patience to lay down each pebble. But the final result is stunning, especially when the sun shines through your windows!
3. Ladybug vs. bumblebee tic-tac-toe
How cute is this tic-tac-toe board?! Make your own by drawing four crossing lines on a piece of wood. Now, decorate some glass pebbles with paint to make them look like bumblebees and ladybugs. Your kiddos will love this version of the classic game!
4. Beach art
You don't need to have any artistic ability to make this beachy scene using a few different colors of glass pebbles and some attention to detail.
5. Alcohol ink pendant
Turn those glass pebbles into an adorable pendant. Make a bunch and switch out colors so you can always match your outfit, or make them gifts for your girlfriends!
6. Wine bottle pendant lamp
This classy lamp is so cheap and easy to make that you could do several and hang them in a row to create dramatic lighting above a bar or kitchen island.
7. Garden markers
Keep your veggies straight with these super cute garden markers that help you remember what you planted and where! We think this could be a fun craft to do with kiddos, too!
8. Sun catcher
If you have a window in your home that has lots of natural light streaming through, make a "sun catcher" out of glass gems to make the light a little more interesting.
9. Mason jar nightlight
This cute and sparkling nightlight is perfect for your little one's room. They can even help you make it!
10. Conversation-starter stones
This is perhaps the most creative DIY project we've seen using glass pebbles! Make your own set of conversation-starters that you can use at family dinners, parties, or even for a fun icebreaker to open up meetings at work.

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