10 fantastic car cleaning hacks

No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, your car is bound to get dirty. Whether it's stains, crumbs or an accumulation of dust and pollen when the seasons change, a dirty car is inevitable.
There are a million car-cleaning products out there, but the problem is that they're filled with a lot of nasty chemicals. If you're looking to give your car a good spring cleaning — and do it naturally — this is the ultimate list for you. And the best part is you already have most of this stuff lying around your house!
Natural carpet cleaner (h/t The Balance)
Get rid of all those dark, dirty and muddy stains on your upholstery and mats with this all-natural solution, as shown in video below.
Clean gunk from dirty car seat
If you hate stains from your car seat, before you spend money on an expensive detailer, you must try the trick below.
Best way to clean dusty air vents and other dusty surfaces
Get into the vents and all around the knobs with this nifty trick:
Foggy car lights
Hate how your headlights fog up in the winter? No problem, this clever hack demonstrated in the video below will solve your woes.
Foggy windows?
Do your windows fog up? Never have this problem again with the help of the trick below:
All-natural car freshener (h/t Jen & Joey)
Kick those toxic car fresheners to the curb. The DIY solution shown in the video below is not only easy to make but also will make your car smell great. All you have to do is place it in a cup holder or on the floor in a secure spot, and you're ready to go.
Streak-free windows
The hack involves newspaper and may sound crazy, but your windows will be streak-free.
Remove hair
This is better than any vacuuming your seats have had. Check out what we do in the video below:
Polish dull leather (h/t Mommy Footprint)
Don't use those toxic sprays or wipes to clean your leather anymore! The trick below works great on all leather parts of the car.
Dirty trunk or carpet?
The following borax based solution will do the trick.
Put a sock on your windshield
This hack may seem bizarre, but if you want to survive the cold winter, you'll need it.
Streakless windshield wipers
Use the following DIY to make your own window washing solution.
Is the inside or outside of your car dirty?
Try this nifty DIY car wipe solution featured in the video below.
Clean nasty bug splatters and a dirty windshield
Forget buying expensive cleaners. The following DIY should do the trick.
Is your parking spot too small? Prevent your car door from scraping against the wall
Open your door without worrying about damaging your car.
Shiny chrome wheels
Mix equal parts water and vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Spray all over your chrome, then wipe it down with a rag for super-shiny wheels.
All-natural wheel cleaner
Mix some baking soda and water into a paste, rub it all over your wheels with a brush, then rinse it off for wheels that look like they've just rolled out of the auto shop.
Good old organic car wash
Don't go out and pay for a car wash that covers your car in chemicals. Use all-natural liquid Castile soap — which is made from plant oils — and mix it up with some water. Lather up your car, wash and rinse, and you're ready to hit the road in your totally clean car.
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