10 unique ways to use leftover yarn

Chances are you have a ball (or two!) of yarn laying around your house. Put it to good use with some inspiration from these ideas. And no, none of them involve knitting! So even if you've "lost" your knitting needles, we think you'll like these yarn crafts.
These simple craft ideas using yarn can be fun additions to your home and also make great gifts. So what are you waiting for? Get that yarn out and let's get crafting!
1. Writing on the wall (h/t Pretty Designs)
Write on your wall with yarn -- yes, yarn! -- to make a bold statement. How does this work? Check out the video below to see the end result.
2. Yarn bangles
You never thought of yarn as jewelry material, did you? We hadn't considered it either, but it makes some pretty fun, colorful bangles! My Poppet has a great tutorial for this project.
3. DIY pom pom rug
If you dream of stepping out of bed and onto something plush and fuzzy, this project was made for you! Make And Do Crew has put together a tutorial that guides you through the steps.
4. Heart shaped dreamcatcher
This dreamcatcher has stolen our hearts! This would be such a cute addition to a nursery, and the tutorial from Molly Moo Crafts makes it seem like a pretty fun project!
5. Wrapped vases (h/t Wedding Window)
This super simple project turns an old bottle and some yarn into a piece that is worthy of a centerpiece, or just some prime real estate in your living room! Watch how easy it comes together in the video below.
6. Yarn hat ornaments
Making ornaments is a creative way to keep your kiddos busy and add some interest to your tree during the holidays. Handimania has made a super fun video tutorial for this DIY project. It's a great way to use up some stuff lying around your house while adding a little holiday cheer!
7. Yarn monogram (h/t Catching Fireflies)
From the nursery to the living room, this DIY project is a fun way to personalize your space! See for yourself in the video below.
8. Yarn feather
Learn how to make a feather out of yarn at Infarrantly Creative! This tutorial also gives you different ways to use your yarn feathers, such as on a wreath or transformed into quirky earrings. ​
9. Boho yarn wall hanging
For a boho chic addition to your home, use this wall hanging as inspiration to create your own fun wall accessory. This would make a great housewarming gift or a going away present for your favorite college student!
10. Spherical yarn lanterns
These airy bubble lanterns spice up your backyard or make a statement piece at any gathering. Find the list of materials needed and instructions at Merry Brides.

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