5 genius uses of apple cider vinegar in the garden

Apple cider vinegar seems to be that one item in your kitchen that's worth way more than what you paid for it. Whether you're using it in your cleaning products, adding it to your favorite food dishes, or to get rid of hiccups, apple cider vinegar has a purpose for just about every household situation.
But, you probably didn't realize it has some great benefits for your garden too. So, stock up on your supply -- you're going to need it after reading this list:
1. Fertilizer for plants who like acidic soil
Apple cider vinegar is a great fertilizer to maintain healthy plants. You might think that the acidity in it (it's actually only 5 percent acidic, by the way) wouldn't be good for plants, but some plants actually thrive off of a little acidity. So, dribble a little in the soil of you blueberry bushes, azaleas and gardenias -- they'll love it.
2. Get rid of flies
Mix a half-cup of apple cider vinegar, a quarter-cup of sugar, a tablespoon of molasses, 1 cup of water into containers and put them in problem areas. Hang them from trees, put them in your garden -- even on your deck to keep them away from your food. The sugar attracts them in, but the sticky solution traps them there for good. Goodbye, little nuisances.
3. Keep pests out
We love this option because it's non-toxic and won't hurt any pests or animals who wander into your garden -- probably with the intention of munching on your hard labor. Simply soak some old rags in apple cider vinegar and leave them around your garden. Pests like raccoons, rabbits, moles, rodents and deer hate the smell, so they'll turn the other way.
4. Clean up your garden tools
Whether you have a bunch of rusty old tools lying around or you're starting to notice some wear and tear, go and grab your apple cider vinegar to help out. If the rust is bad, let the tool soak overnight. But if you just need to clean it up, grab the vinegar and put it in a spray bottle to clean off.
5. Make old clay pots look brand new
Before you get ready to throw those old, dirty clay pots away try this apple cider vinegar solution. Simply scrub off any loose dirt from your pots and then soak the pot in a mix of 4 cups water and one cup of vinegar. After the pot has soaked in the solution, take it out and soak it again in regular water. It should look good as new.
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