Don't toss away bubble wrap. Here's 6 reasons why you'll want to use them in your garden

Bubble wrap: it's the ultimate stress reliever and protector of all things fragile. While this plastic wonder is commonly used to ship packages, there are even more practical uses for these sheets around the house, particularly in your garden. That's if you can keep yourself from popping all of the bubbles.
Keep reading to check out 6 reasons you'll want to start using bubble wrap in your garden:
1. Protect container plants
After cutting the bubble wrap to size, wrap your container plant and tape it closed (or use string to secure it.) Just remember to take the wrap off when the weather warms up.
2. Use it as a mulch
Mental Scoop recommends placing a sheet of bubble wrap (with the bubbles facing the ground) onto a planting area. Secure the wrap in place with decorative stones. Then slice small slits to allow your plants to grow through. The wrap helps keep the ground a bit warmer to aid in plant growth.
3. Keep deer at bay
Apparently, deer don't aren't fond of walking on this plastic pal. Considering their skittish nature, it's not particularly surprising that the popping noise would startle them. Line the edges of your garden with bubble wrap to keep hungry deer away from your veggies, Wacky Uses recommends.
4. Wrap your tools
Keep blisters at bay by wrapping your garden tool handles with bubble wrap. The bubbles will provide cushion and protection against the rough wood handles so you're fingers aren't chafed after a day of yard work.
5. Protect your Strawberries
Bubble wrap can safely support your strawberries and encourage faster growing. Wacky Uses recommends cutting a hula hoop in half and wedging into the ground above the strawberries. Create a canopy with bubble wrap and tape. (The image below illustrates the concept, just swap out the linen for bubble wrap.)​
6. Keep little toes safe
If you use stakes in the garden or yard displays, wrap the top of the stake with bubble wrap. If the kid's (or the parent!) trips and lands on the stake the bubble wrap will protect knees and hands from most of the pain.
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