Here's why you'll want to bury bulbs in your flower pot

Spring bulbs won't grow outside in the winter (obviously), but growing them in a pot means you could have a beautiful display all winter long (if you start planting them in the fall), according to HGTV. Not only will the flowers help keep your spirits up when the snow starts blowing, you can replant the bulbs in the ground next spring for year-after-year beauty.
Layering bulbs in a container is a unique way to create an array of color in one pot. Depending on how you choose to plant your bulbs, you can opt for one type of bulb or for different types of plants with similar bloom times so the entire plant looks full and beautiful the entire time.
How to do bulb planting
If you want to give bulb planting a try follow these steps for the best results:
1. Add a layer of soil on the bottom of your pot and plant your largest bulbs first (Make sure your bulbs are close together, but not touching, Old House Gardens recommends.)
2. Top with another layer of soil, followed by medium sized bulbs. (Make sure you choose the right soil for your plants. Potting soil is better than garden soil for these potted bulbs, according to Old House Gardens.)
3. Add more soil and then your smallest bulbs, covered with even more soil.
4. Add some perennial grasses or violas to the top layer for a little color until while you wait for your flowers to bloom or until it's time to plant them in the ground.
*Pro tip: You'll want to make sure your bulbs get enough cold, so try storing them in an attached garage (until they bloom) where they won't be too warm or too cold.
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