4 brilliant methods to remove set-in oil stains from clothing

If you've ever gotten grease on your shirt after cooking dinner (or eating it), you know that it's a lot harder to remove those stains once they've settled into the fabric. But, harder does not equate to impossible.
While it may take a little extra work (along with a dose of ingenuity and a helping of patience), you can rid your favorite t-shirt of that set-in grease. Clean up that pile of ruined shirts with one of these handy tricks:
1. A little bit of work
This method takes a little bit of patience and a little bit of arm work, but it's effective and cheap. If you discover a set-in stain, the main goal is to reset the stain (make it greasy again). You'll need some WD-40, Q-tips, baking soda, scrap cardboard, liquid soap, and a toothbrush.
After slipping the cardboard between layers of fabric (if needed), spray the stained area(s) with your WD-40. Then, pour (be liberal here) baking soda onto the same areas and use the toothbrush to brush the mixture into the stained area. Brush the mixture around until the powder gets chunky. Dust the remnants into the sink.
Repeat until the baking soda doesn't get chunky anymore. Then discard your cardboard and toss your material into the washer for a regular cycle, Northern Belle Diaries recommends.
2. Simple solution: Soap it up
If you're looking for a quick and dirty trick to get grease stains out of your clothing, try soaking the stain in Dawn dishwashing soap.
Pour the liquid onto the stain and rub it into the material well. Let it sit for at least an hour before washing, as usual.
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3. Cheap job: Hair Spray it off
If you don't have a bottle of hairspray lying around, head (wink, wink) to the dollar store for a cheap bottle. Spray your grease stains liberally and let it sit for a few minutes. Wash and air dry. Repeat as necessary.
4. The weird solution: Cheese Whiz
It sounds weird, but according to report by CBS News, applying a glob of Cheese Whiz to old stains in your clothes and letting it stand for at least five to 10 minutes is a great way to remove the stains. Simply toss the clothes in the washer after the allotted time and watch the stain disappear.
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