Transform old driftwood into something stunning with these 10 projects

Next time you walk along the beach and spot a lone piece of driftwood, pick it up! There's no material more naturally beautiful than wood. And when it comes to rustic charm, driftwood takes the cake. Plus, it's free!
We've got 10 beautiful projects that will transform driftwood into something unexpected. Browse through these fun projects and think of all the ways you can bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home!
1. Sea glass wind chimes
Driftwood goes with sea glass like peanut butter goes with jelly! If you've just come back from a beach vacation and your bags are filled with driftwood and sea glass, this creative idea from Our Boat House is the perfect way to prevent them from collecting dust. We've gotta say, these are just about the classiest wind chimes we've ever seen!
2. Driftwood mirror
This driftwood mirror brings a rustic touch into your home. This one, from Pier 1 Imports, costs more than $200, but we think with a little creativity and a lot of strong glue, you could create your own for a fraction of the price!
3. Pineapple driftwood art
If you've collected small pieces of driftwood that you don't know quite what to do with, this craft is the perfect way to use them. This fun tutorial from Made in A Day teaches you how to transform the driftwood pieces into a fun piece of art. And who doesn't love pineapples?!
4. Photo display
What this super simple photo display lacks in complexity, it makes up for in wow factor. You'll only need a few materials for this project, brought to you by Morning Creativity, but the finished project is simply stunning.
5. Raw statement piece
If you've found a piece of driftwood that is super unique, throw aside the saw and glue. Leave that beautiful piece of wood just as it is and mount it on a wall for a killer statement piece. Above your bed or on a center wall in your living room are good places for the driftwood to be mounted.
6. Towel rack
For a simple and practical project, turn a flat piece of driftwood into a towel rack. Bathrooms always look great with some beachy details, and this tutorial from Sustain My Craft Habit is super easy!
7. Rustic candle holder
Turning a couple pieces of driftwood into tea light holders is the perfect way to bring the beach into your home. The soft glow of a candle illuminates driftwood, making it look even more dreamy and rustic. Follow this step by step guide from Home Talk for the full instructions.
8. Driftwood chandelier
We are kind of obsessed with this driftwood chandelier. What do you think? Could you see it over your dining room table? For this project, you'd need a large and sturdy piece of wood, though it could look neat in a scaled down version as well.
9. Driftwood handrail
If you have a working knowledge of carpentry and a perfect piece of wood, why not turn it into a rustic handrail?! What a perfect way to bring a bit of the beach inside!
10. Succulent planter
Imagine hosting a dinner party and having this unique succulent planter as the centerpiece of your table. Your guests will go wild for this charming succulent holder, but only you will know how simple it was to make! Follow this steps from eHow for the full tutorial.
Which project are you going to get started on? Share these fun driftwood DIY projects with your beach-loving friends!
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