15 best summertime crafts and activities for kids

Forget television screens and electronic games this summer. That's right, get your little ones outside, working with their hands and using their imaginations.
Sometimes it can seem daunting to find things to do all summer long, but we've got you covered! From science experiments, to yummy recipes, to fun crafts and games, these great ideas will provide hours of fun for the whole family!
1. Egg carton garden
If you want your "green thumb" to rub off on your kiddos, introduce them to gardening while they're young! This egg carton garden from Cool Progeny is probably the simplest (and cheapest!) way to get their hands in the dirt. Plus, they'll be pretty excited to watch their very own garden grow little by little each day!
2. Make s'mores in a solar oven
If your little one is even remotely into science, this project is going to be a big hit. They are rewarded with a sweet treat, after all! Plus, they'll learn about solar energy, so it's a win-win for everybody! Get the full instructions from Desert Chica.
3. Send them on a scavenger hunt
This color scavenger hunt from I Heart Crafty Things is pure genius! It gets the kids outdoors and keeps them occupied for a while, while working on cognitive and social skills. Plus, you can put it together in a matter of minutes! Can't beat that.​
4. Make frozen banana pops
This recipe for frozen banana pops from Hello, Wonderful is tasty, healthy and fun to make. Mom and Dad, this might even become your new favorite summer snack!
5. Grow a grass head
Follow this fun project idea from Red Ted Art and the end result is a homemade Chia Pet of sorts. Your kiddo will get a kick out of watching the "hair" grow and giving their new friend haircuts!
6. Launch a rocket
Does your kiddo dream of going to space? These DIY Alka Selzer "rockets" will "blow" their mind. (Sorry for the pun!) Head to Playful Learning for a tutorial.
7. Make reusable bubbles
Blowing bubbles in the lawn is a summertime staple, but this tutorial puts a spin on the traditional soapy recipe. Follow the steps from Two Daloo and you'll have bubbles that can be used time and time again!
8. DIY sidewalk chalk pops
Do you remember spending summer afternoons decorating your driveway with sidewalk chalk? Well, this is one childhood trend that has stood the test of time. Put a fun spin on your sidewalk chalk game by making it from scratch! It's simpler than it sounds, and Project Nursery has laid out all the instructions.
9. Sponge bombs
Water balloon fights are a great way to cool down on a hot day, but they leave the lawn littered with tiny bits of plastic. Avoid the mess by making sponge bombs. They're just as good as balloons, plus they can be used again and again! Head over to Endlessly Inspired for the full tutorial.
10. Squirt gun art
Whether your kid's an artist or not, they are going to love creating their own squirt gun art! Find tips for this project on Simplify Live Love.
11. Glow in the dark bowling
Get the whole family together for a game of night bowling. But don't worry about it being too dark to see - the pins and bowling ball glow! Find out how to make this fun family game on Growing a Jeweled Rose.
12. Ocean and sand pudding cups
Chocolate dirt cups are delicious, but this twist on a classic kid treat is perfect for summertime. With Golden Oreo "sand", blue pudding and gummy sharks, how can you not enjoy this tasty snack?! For the recipe, head to The Chirping Moms.
13. Outdoor movie night
Your kids - no matter what age - will get excited when you propose an outdoor movie night. Follow the simple steps from Ellie Petrov to get your backyard all set up. Don't forget lots of pillows, blankets and snacks. You can even plan a "campout" in the backyard after the movie is over!
14. DIY Mason jar aquarium
Bring the ocean to you, even if you don't live anywhere near the sea! This adorable craft from Hello, Wonderful uses Mason jars that kids can turn into their very own aquarium.
15. Make your own wind chimes
For the little artist in your family, this project will be super fun! This project from Sugar, Spice and Glitter makes a super cute wind chime for your garden, plus it's a great way to repurpose an old flower pot!
Which activity would your little ones enjoy most? Share this article with any moms, dads and nannies so they can have the best summer yet with their kiddos!
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