10 awesome ways to use a colander outside of the kitchen

Colanders are great kitchen tools. They're a handy way to drain noodles or separate soups, but did you know that that cooking gadget is perfect for other tasks too? If you have an older colander that you're thinking of tossing you might want to think again.
Check out 10 other ways you can put a few bucks to good use:
1. DIY campfire
Don't have a fire pit? Try this clever idea! Flip a metal bowl upside down and put a metal colander on top. Add your kindle and wood, and get ready to roast some marshmallows. Just make sure to choose a flat place away from homes or other structures and be careful with how high you build your flame.
2. Protect your picnic food
Just toss a colander over your fruits and veggies while you're dining outdoors. The holes allow air to circulate, but keep bugs at bay).
3. Store bath toys
Despite the endless hours of watery fun, bath toys can build up bacteria quickly, especially if they aren't dried properly. A colander keeps the toys organized and allows the water to drain out while letting air flow through to finish drying the rubber ducks.
3. Make a lamp
The shape of a colander is just asking for some crafting love! Handimania makes quick work of a metal colander by enlarging a hole at the bottom to attach the lightbulb fixture. Check out the full tutorial here.
4. Keep ice fresh for guests
Swap out your ice bucket with a pretty colander and a glass bowl. As the ice melts the water will drip out, this will keep the rest of your ice cubes from melting too fast.
5. Use the colander as a planter
Keep an eye out for different colored colanders and use them to plant some pretty flowers. The holes are perfect for air and water flow and the colored bases are a great way to add a pop to your garden.
6. Hanging planter
This works like the idea above, except try adding twine through two side holes and hanging the plant on your porch! (You could even try growing tomatoes or herbs in a colander.)
7. Yarn holder
Crocheting is a great way to keep your hands busy, but keeping the yarn from falling everywhere can be a drag. Toss your yarn into the colander and pull the yarn through a hole to keep the yarn tangle free.
8. Cake pop storage
If you're making cake pops for the bake sale or your next book club meeting, keep the cake and frosting from smashing by storing the pops in an upside down colander. Use this same method for fruit kabobs too!
9. Summer games
Snag a cheap colander from the dollar store and hot glue it to the top of an old hat (an old helmet works best). Go old school Double Dare and have one person catch water balloons in the colander-hat. Just be warned: whoever wears the hat is going to get soaked!
10. Toss it in the sandbox
Once that colander gets a little worn out, let the kids take it outside. It's a great toy to play with in the pool or the sandbox.
Remember: upcycle that old colander and get a few more years of use out it. Make sure to share these tips with your friends on Facebook!
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