10 brilliant ways to use and transform an old terracotta pot

Terracotta pots are great for growing herbs and flowers, but they're also a great item for creating unique tools you can use around the house. The (relatively) inexpensive pot is great for DIYers and/or recyclers who want to create something that's one-of-a-kind.
Check out these 10 unique ways you can reuse that old pot that's just taking up space in your shed:
1. Bird Feeder
This sweet idea works best with a smaller pot (that has drainage holes). You'll attach all three pieces to a sturdy wire so you can easily open the lid and refill as needed. Decorate as desired. Check out the full tutorial from The Garden Rood Coop.
2. Water Fountain
If the idea of spending $1000 or more for a yard fountain makes you want to weep, try this unique version instead. Using a large pot and some different sized clay bowls you can create a stunning piece for a fraction of the cost. Check out the full tutorial on Instructables.
3. Verticle Herb Planter
This twist on the terracotta pot lets you stack varying sizes in an attractive display that promotes herb growth and takes up less space! This easy DIY from Grace and Good Eats is perfect if you live in an apartment.
4. Clay Pot Smoker
You don't have to smoke your meat in an unattractive drum or barrel! Try sprucing it up with this DIY hack from The Owner Builder Network. This project is perfect for small cooking projects. If you're handy, this project won't take more than a few hours to put together.
5. Clay Lantern
This fun project is a great option for stormy nights and it only costs a few bucks! You'll need a smaller clay pot, a saucer, and a glass bowl. Try customizing the project, from Bathtime with theHungry Hypo, with different-sized candles.
6. Patio Table
This so-easy-it's-crazy project is not only super cute, it's a twofer in terms of functionality. All you need is a large terracotta pot and the saucer that's a size or two bigger. Paint the rims as desired and use the saucer as a lid. Try storing yard tools or a cozy blanket inside too! Check out the full project from Dukes and Duchesses.
7. Chandelier
Create a unique chandelier with terracotta pots and a chandelier frame (you can get them from yard sales or antique shops). This project from DIY Show Off calls for planting flowers in the pots, but if you have some basic electrical skills, you could add light bulbs for sweet patio lighting.
8. Outdoor Lantern
This outdoor lantern looks like a Chinese lantern, but it's actually a clay pot. It makes for a cool porch lamp, or you could hang it indoors too. Try painting the pots different colors for an eye-catching piece. Check out the full tutorial from The Art of Doing Stuff.
9. Mosaic Tile Bird Bath
This DIY idea from Me and My is a repurpose daydream. You can create a base (like for the fountain) and use a shallower clay bowl for the top. Then use old DVDs and CDs to create a colorful mosaic on the bottom of the bowl that's sure to catch light. You'll need to coat the pieces with a gloss to protect it from the water.
10. Candle Holders
This smart idea provides a sturdy base and a way to repurpose small pots and old candles! If you have bigger pots, you could make larger candles. Let the kids help by having them decorate the pots. Bonus: It's easy, easy, easy! Learn how to make these from Sugar and Charm.
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