10 extraordinary ways cheap wire baskets can keep you organized forever

Wire baskets are cheap and easy to find. So, why wouldn't you use them to organize your entire home? These bins are totally versatile and easy to transform, too.
Take white baskets, for example. They might be the cheapest, but with a little spray paint — like a beautiful copper color — you can transform them into stunning and expensive-looking baskets. Take a look at our list below for some awesome ideas to organize your home and keep it looking stylish along the way.
1. Store blankets
Stuff your blankets in a wire basket so you can see everything you need, but keep it organized at the same time. We love this look because it's casual chic!
2. Book shelf
If you don't have shelves, opt for wire baskets instead. We love this shabby chic look, and it really works too! Everything is open and in sight, easy to grab.
3. Organize the kitchen
Instead of stuffing your cabinets and pantry with fruits, veggies, canned and dry goods, separate them into wire baskets. Consider putting a label on the side too so you know what is where before you even pull the basket out.
4. Bathroom storage
Fill your wire baskets with all your toiletries, or even your bathroom cleaning products and tuck them away under the sink. You can also hang them in the bathroom as seen in the bookshelves above to hold things like towels.
5. Living room storage
Place some wire baskets on your living room shelves, under the coffee table or on the mantle for a rustic-industrial and shabby chic storage idea. Fill them up with the kid's toys to make the room feel a little more adult, or simply stuff your books and nicknacks inside.
6. Laundry room organization
Use wire baskets to hold and organize everything you fold and wash. One should be for socks, another for underwear and another for whites and colors. It will keep you organized and sane getting through all that laundry!
7. Fruit and veggie baskets
Keep your fruit and veggies organized by placing them in baskets you've hung on the wall. We love this look because it is playful but totally organized. Fill it up with food for the week or prep the night before by setting everything out that you know you'll need for the next meal.
8. For kids' toys
Use wire baskets to help keep the kids organized. A big one can replace a toy chest, or use a bunch of smaller ones for their stuffed animals, cars, Barbies and whatever else is lying around on the floor.
9. Toilet paper holder
Toilet paper isn't the most glamourous thing in the world. But what you hold it in doesn't have to be ugly, too. Use a pretty wire basket to keep your toilet paper within reach and looking nice.
10. Yarn and other crafts organizer
Now, you need to make sure it's stuff that can't slip through the holes in the baskets. But a wire basket is great for holding yarn, material and other supplies for your craft room.

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