10 gorgeous DIY garden decorations you never thought were possible

Spring is here, which means people are heading out into their gardens ready to get dirty. Why not add some whimsy to your organic oasis? Beautiful additions like wind chimes, potted plants and painted rocks can add extra charm to a space you already adore and spend a lot of time in.
There's no need to go out and buy these additions, though! You can easily create beautiful garden decorations yourself with a little creativity and elbow grease — something you're already familiar with. Here are some ideas to get you started.
1. Clay pot toadstools
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Are your terra-cotta pots looking tired? Breathe new life into them with a fresh coat of paint and creativity when you make these adorable toadstools. Get the full tutorial here.
2. Teacup bird feeder
Is this the cutest, or what? It looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland, and will add some serious cuteness to your garden or porch. You can use an old set of cups and saucers you have lying around, or head to the secondhand shop and pick out something pretty. Get the full tutorial here.
3. Watering can wind chime
DIY Everywhere
Transform an old watering can into a stunning piece of art for your garden. As seen in this tutorial, that all you have to do is attach pretty gems from the spout, then hang it from a rod. The gems not only catch sunlight, but they clink in the wind, creating a relaxing sound.
4. Painted river rocks
Painting rocks is an old trick that adds whimsy to your garden. But we haven't seen a pattern as pretty as these. Suzy from the popular blog Suzy's Artsy-Craftsy Sitcom painted hers with these pretty paisley patterns — some with cool blues and others with warm pinks.
5. Mason jar lights
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Learn how to create these simple and beautiful garden lights. They're perfect for those long evenings when you just want to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden, or when you need a little help lighting up a dinner party.
6. Garden planter made from old chair
Plants add life to any outdoor space, but what if you are bored with the look of traditional pots and planter boxes? With just a subtle touch of color that provides a shabby chic look, this unique planter, made from an old chair, can give greenery an upgraded place to be displayed. Get the full tutorial here.
7. Strainer planter
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This tutorial will teach you how to turn an old strainer into a stunning planter. Hang in the kitchen or outside on your patio. To kick it up a notch, you could also turn this planter into wind chime by hanging gems from the bottom (as we saw in this project). We just can't get enough of this awesome DIY.
8. Whimsical birdhouse planter
DIY Everywhere
Have you ever seen one of these in an expensive store or catalog and wondered how they do it? Well, this tutorial will teach you how to make this birdhouse plant masterpiece all by yourself. It's going to look great in your garden!
9. Bike planter
Do you have an old bike lying around that just doesn't work anymore? Well, Organized Clutter has the best garden DIY for you. If you have a vintage beauty, you might want to leave it as is, but you can always slap on some paint to make it look nice too. Then just add a basket or two, and fill your bike up with flowers. Easy as that!
10. Birdcage planter
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This is awesome. Hang it from a tree or something else in the middle of your garden. It can also be used indoors. Then, fill the inside with beautiful plants that cascade over the edges and through the slits. What a wonderful idea from this tutorial.

Typically, you can buy them, but that's always more expensive than DIY. These are pretty simple to put together, too, so why not give it a shot?
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