Don't junk your old fence. Here are 10 remarkable ways to repurpose it

Do you have a fence that is a serious eyesore? You're not alone. What follows ia a list of wonderful ways you can turn those drab pieces of wood into something useful and beautiful, too.
Even if you don't have a fence in your yard, you'll still be inspired by these fun DIY projects. Many of them could be made with any type of reclaimed wood, and they will surely add something special to your home.
1. Wooden clock
This rustic wooden clock is actually make out of salvaged fence boards. It's hard to think of a more practical way to repurpose old posts once they are no longer part of the fence. Check out the full project from Two It Yourself.
2. Sunburst mirror
Nobody will guess that you make this sunburst mirror out of old fence pieces. The unique design will add interest and texture to whatever room you choose to put it in. Find instructions for making the mirror at Gorgeous Shiny Things.
3. Colorful birdhouses
Salvage old fence boards and upcycle them into colorful birdhouses! Breathe a little life into that boring old fence by bringing some wildlife into your yard. Follow the steps at Home Talk.
4. Picket fence headboard
Bring the fence inside and make a statement with your headboard. The tutorial can be found at Shabby Love Blog.
5. Rustic coffee table
This beautifully designed coffee table was made by transforming shabby fence boards into something chic. Display a beautiful vase on and some coffee table books atop the finished product, and it could hold its own next to almost any shabby chic designer table. Find out how to make the table at Addicted 2 Decorating.
6. Directional beach signs
Is your mind always drifting to the ocean? Turn your home into a beachy paradise by making directional signs found near the palms and sand. You can personalize it by making signs for your favorite destinations.
7. High heel rack
This is just about the easiest way to repurpose an old fence. Simply turn it on its side so the slats are horizontal and use it as a rack for high-heeled shoes.
8. Towel bar
Keep towels organized by transforming a piece of picket fence into a towel rack that'll add a unique touch to your bathroom.
9. DIY herringbone wall
The ultimate way to repurpose fence boards is to transform them into a statement wall in your home. People pay lots of money for this wood treatment, but you can do it for little to nothing by using an old fence that would be junked anyway. Find instructions over at Designer Trapped.
10. Potting bench
Any gardener knows that you can never have enough storage space for tools and a place to tend to your plants! This DIY potting bench from My Repurposed Life looks like it just belongs in your yard.
Who do you know that could use some ideas to spruce up their old fence? Send this article their way and pass on the good karma.

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