Don't toss out the old file organizer. Here are 10 uses

The world has gone digital, leaving you with little use for that file organizer or so you thought. Instead of tossing out that file organizer because you don't have many files to keep in it, read this list for how to use a file organizer to store so much more than paper.
A file organizer can neaten up a kitchen and bathroom, work as a shelf and even keep your closet tidy. Check out the list below. Be warned though. You might find yourself running out to buy more just so you can try all of these ideas!
1. Organize cutting boards
Tired of digging through that pile of cutting boards and baking sheets? Keep them organized and within reach by storing them in a file organizer. For added storage, secure the file organizer to the door of a cabinet so it takes up less room.
2. Organize the refrigerator
The fridge is often a dumping ground for displaying art, homework and even important lists and bills. Keep everything organized by using magnets to keep file organizers stuck to the sides.
3. Never lose a lid again
This is genius, right? Secure a file organizer inside your cabinet and keep the lids tucked inside. You can quickly grab and find the right lid every time.
4. Store food
Organize fruits and veggies with the help of file organizers. You can keep onions and potatoes tucked away in a dark cabinet or proudly display apples and oranges on the countertop.
5. Use it as a shelf
Secure a file organizer to the wall, and instantly, it becomes a shelf. You can store magazines, remote controls or anything else inside. You can store books or even a pretty plant on top as well. Add more display space while creatively recycling your old file organizer!
6. Toilet paper holder
This is a simple but creative solution for storing toilet paper. The organizer will hold a bunch of rolls and doesn't take up all that much room. Tuck it on a shelf or next to the toilet so it's always in reach.
7. Hair product organizer
Instead of shoving all your straighteners, curling irons and everything else into a drawer, keep them within reach but out of the way by storing them in a file organizer next to a desk or bathroom vanity.
8. Makeup organizer
Keep all of your makeup palettes in sight and neatly organized by storing them in a mail file organizer. It's a really smart idea as it saves a ton of space, looks tidy and keeps products from sliding around in a drawer.
9. Closet organizer
Stuff an old file organizer with flats, belts, socks, underwear or anything else that will fit. It's a smart way to keep things separated and organized, and you can even label the boxes.
10. A bag organizer
Are you tired of rummaging through all those paper bags and gift bags you have lying around? Instead, keep them tidy and easy to sort through by putting them in different compartments of a file organizer. As you can see, there are multiple uses for that old file organizer so don't throw it away just yet!
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