Don't toss out your old trampoline. Instead, try these 12 awesome ideas

Years ago you bought the kids a trampoline and now you're looking at its broken, abandoned frame sit in the yard. A lot of the things your kids used to play with can be donated or repurposed easily, but when it comes to a big trampoline you need to get a little creative.
Luckily, there are people all across the internet who have been in the same situation and come up with a creative solution. With an old trampoline frame, you can make everything from a garden arch to a swinging bed or soccer goals.
Check out the article below for some great ideas!
1. Make the frame into a garden
Remove your broken trampoline canvas, flip the old trampoline upside down and use it to create a beautiful little garden. We love how Pinterest user Donna Beets revamped the look with paving stones. You can even add fencing around the sides and attach it to the poles to keep the critters out, too.
2. Use frame for an arbor
Reuse that perfectly good, and beautifully arched trampoline frame for your garden. By attaching it to a fixed base, you can create a beautiful arch that will get covered in lush vines and provide you with a relaxing place to sit and steal some shade. No one will believe you when you tell them you made it from an old trampoline!
3. Soccer goal
If the kids have worn out the trampoline or simply moved onto other activities, repurpose the old frame to create a great little soccer goal post. Obviously, when you get this in half you get two parts, meaning you get two goals -- perfect for a friendly game of soccer.
4. Giant holiday wreath
Talk about getting in the holiday spirit! This Pinterest user uploaded her own repurposed trampoline project and it's spread like wildfire across the website. This gigantic wreath is great if you have the perfect spot to hang it. You could also always donate it to a place that has a big enough place to display it, too.
5. Rose arbor
Tear apart that old and broken trampoline and create something truly beautiful. Elisha Baily uploaded her own creation to Pinterest showing how she used the old frame to create a big, beautiful lattice for her new rose garden. Just image what this will look like in full bloom!
6. Chicken coop
Repurposing the curved trampoline frame for a chicken coop is a genius. A chicken coop needs to be designed well -- like with a curved or arched roof that won't let water pool -- but at the same time, it's not something you really want to spend a ton of money on. With some scrap wood, an old trampoline, chicken wire and a little ingenuity you can create this too.
7. Elevated garden
By repurposing the old frame and fitting curved planters into it, you can create a beautiful elevated garden. This is perfect for keeping unwanted pests out of your garden, for herb planting, or even to just add some fun and whimsy to your yard. We can't get enough of it!
8. Swinging bed
Oh yeah, you can repurpose that old trampoline into something just as awesome. A big, round swinging bed is perfect for outdoor relaxing (say, instead of a hammock) or even hung in your house if you have space. You can make smaller kid versions out of those tiny kid trampolines, too. But, before you hang one of these be sure you have the structure to support it, Better safe than sorry!
9. Pest-proof garden
Use the curved frame of the trampoline and some fencing to create a breathable but totally pest-proof garden. Your plants will grow like they're out in the open but you'll get the added security of keeping all the critters out.
10. Garden arch
We love this idea because of its simplicity and beauty. By using the curved frame you can add a really unusual element to your yard. Imagine this covered in vines, roses, or wisteria. It would be stunning!
11. Movie screen
Full disclosure, you'll need a projector for this one. But imagine all the fun you, family and friends could have watching your favorite films out on the lawn during those warmer months. All you have to do is replace the old trampoline fabric with a white tarp and you're ready to go.
12. Hang porch plants
Use those old springs to hang potted plants and other items from your porch. The springs pull will allow your plants to sway a bit with the wind but stay strong when holding heavier plants. Great solution!
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