Tennis balls aren't just for tennis. Here are 12 genius uses around the home

Tennis balls are one of those things that many households have lying around. The kids love them, the dogs chew them, and you keep them around for when you have time to play a pickup game.
But these neon little balls can be used for so much more than play. Their soft, fuzzy shells and grippy interiors actually make them the perfect tool for myriad uses around the house. You can clean up scuff marks, get perfectly fluffy (and static-free) sheets and always park in the right spot in the garage thanks to these little sports balls.
Curious about what you can do with tennis balls around the house? Check out the list below!
1. Tennis ball dryer balls (h/t I'm A Lazy Mom)
This may sound weird, but it's easy to do! The method shown in the video below reduces static electricity while getting fluffier, fast-drying laundry.
2. Doorstop (h/t Instructables)
Stick a tennis ball in between your door and door frame to prop it open. Let in a cool breeze or simply leave it cracked so the kids can get in and out. It's a simple, quick solution!
3. Get rid of scuff marks (h/t This Old House)
With a tennis ball? Yes, really! You'll see in the video below that the soft fuzzy surface helps in preventing your floors from getting scratches:
4. Massager (h/t Star-Tink)
Stick a couple tennis balls in a sock, place it on the ground, and lie on top. The pressure can relieve some pain, and the roundness of the balls makes it easy to move over them and massage out any kinks.
5. Never hammer too hard again
Can a hammer be soft? Now it can with the help of a tennis ball!
6. Protect that outdoor padlock
This technique, shown in the video below, will do wonders for your lock. Your lock will be totally protected during those cold winter months and rainy days — keeping rust at bay.
7. Jar opener
Got a stubborn jar that can't open? Yes, a tennis ball can help with this! Just watch the video a see:
8. Avoid scratching your floors (h/t Tagoll)
If you're moving heavy furniture around your house, cut open tennis balls and stick them on the legs of the furniture. That way you can easily slip and slide that furniture around the house without having to lift it or risk damaging the floors.
9. Always park in the right spot in the garage
If you have trouble parking in your garage, this trick is going to be a lifesaver. The tennis ball will make sure you don't park too far in or out. Watch the video below to see how it works:
10. Babyproof corners
If you have some extra-sharp corners that threaten to hurt your little one, reach for tennis balls. Here's how to keep the little ones safe:
11. Windshield wiper protectors
Keep tennis balls in your car so that during the winter, or when you go away for a few days, you can prop up your windshield wipers and keep them from getting icy.
12. Get rid of cobwebs
Do you have tall ceilings with cobwebs you just can't reach? Terri McGraw, aka Mrs. Fixit, suggests slipping a tennis ball inside a long sock (like knee highs, or even pantyhose), then swinging the end with the ball toward the cobwebs. The nasty webs will stick to the fabric, leaving a nice, clean corner.
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