10 magnificent home improvement ideas

Do you need more storage for your office or a better place to put shoes and coats at the end of the day? Home improvement projects can resolve issues such as these if you're up for tackling a few projects.
This list of home improvement ideas ranges from a special shower floor to a backyard patior makeover. Check them out to spark ideas of your own.
1. Custom DIY breakfast nook with hidden storage
This awesome nook is perfect for small kitchens. Simply tuck it away into a corner and add a small bench. If you prefer, try making this same bench in the entryway and attach hooks to the walls for a place to corral shoes, coats and backpacks. Check out the full tutorial from Ana White.
2. Accent bathroom wall
Just because you have a small bathroom doesn't mean it has to be dull. Check out this adorable accent wall idea from J Schulman and Company. The project is easy enough to complete in one day. (If you are using this near a bathtub or shower, you may want to install tar paper first to prevent condensation.)
3. Textured shower floor
If you want a cheap way to spruce up the shower, try creating a cool pebble floor. You can collect rocks or buy them for a few dollars at a store. It takes a bit of work, but you can finish this in a weekend. Check out the details from DIY Network. Note: DIY recommends purchasing pebble tiles, but you can use individual stones if you choose ones that are flat on at least one side.
4. Hide the garbage cans
Garbage cans and recycling cans are convenient for city dwellers, but they don't have to be an eyesore. Try this DIY project from Popular Mechanics. One tip: Keep it simple and make sure it's easy to access cans when you need them.
5. Fancify the vent covers
Why stare at boring white vents when you can turn them into a decorative piece on walls or in the floor? You can buy decorative floor and wall vents from most hardware/home improvement stores. If you're feeling cheap, just remove the vents and give them a fresh coat of colorful paint.
6. DIY recessed wall storage
You can create more shelf space on your walls if you know where to look. The idea is to use a recessed shelf so that you don't lose foot/elbow room in the process. You can do this by installing a shelf on your wall between studs.
7. Give the backyard patio a makeover
Freshen up the backyard patio for less than $100 (depending on paint costs). After cleaning the cement, you'll tape a pattern using painter tape and stain. After allowing it to dry, apply a sealant to keep your hard work safe. Check out the result of this DIY from Beneath my Heart.
8. Spruce up the base of your house
Give your curb just a little more appeal by applying fake stone panels to the naked base of your house. Real stones are very heavy and probably should be attached when the home is built, but fake stone looks just as nice and it's simple to install. Check out the how-tos from Family Handyman.
9. Frame the bathroom mirror
Spruce up your bathroom on a budget just by adding a frame to the mirror. This simple project takes a few hours (but most of that is drying time). Watch out the full tutorial from Cherished Bliss to learn how to creat this stylish look.
10. Chalkboard Cupboard
Add a little personality (and function) to the kitchen without taking up extra wall space. You can create a chalkboard in the cupboard with some chalkboard paint and border from the hardware store. Learn more about this project at My Desert Cottage.
Add a few of these projects to your to-do list. Don't forget to share these ideas with your friends on Facebook. ​
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