Mom of 6 creates most efficient laundry room with just $400, shows off its features

Everyone would love a spacious, beautiful laundry room. Because, while we hate spending time in there, we often find ourselves stuffed in these cramped and disorganized spaces multiple times a week.
The problem is building a custom laundry room can be pricey. Since laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes, families often need to customize the space with built in cabinets, countertops and other furnishings.
Ronda Batchelor, a mother of six, has hacked the system, though. With just $400 and a ton of creativity, she repurposed old cabinets and made her own countertops to create a space that looked chic and was totally organized. She thought of everything from pre-sorting to drying and ironing. It's a truly inspiring space -- and you're not going to believe how she transformed it with that budget. Take a look at her top tips below, and be sure to check out the video, too!
The family can bring their laundry baskets then place their clothes in the sorting bins. There's a spot for darks, colors whites and more. This way when it's time to wash everything is already presorted and you have an idea of what needs to get washed first.
After everything is washed, dried and sorted it gets put into a basket -- one for each family member. This way the kids can just come in, grab their basket and take it to their room to put it away.
Some items of clothing just can't get thrown in the dryer, though. Instead of hanging them in odd places around the laundry room -- which can cause wrinkles and take up space -- this clever mom has thought of pull out drying racks in her cabinets. The items lay flat to dry and there's even a fan installed in the back so that air blows over and dries them quickly. Genius!
This is an old trick that works wonders to this day. Installing a fold down ironing board takes half of the hassle out of ironing itself. Plus, this one swivels so if you or someone else needs to move in and out of the room it is easy to push aside while still keeping your ironing in place.
Everyone would love to have a stunning slab of marble in their home. But for the laundry room especially, it's a bit indulgent. This is a workspace and a place that is going to get beat up over the years.
At the same time, the laundry room is a place you probably spend a lot of time -- so a faux marble table top is an awesome solution. They painted this one then put an epoxy on top for a shiny finish.
This door is a brilliant idea for two reasons. For one, the sidewise sliding door saves space within the laundry room and the hallway since it doesn't have to swing open or shut. Secondly, the door has these open windows so that if you do want to close it, you aren't locked inside a dark space.
Be sure to check out the quick, fun and informational video below to learn all about this thrifty mom's tips and tricks.
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