Ditch spending money on makeup. Here are 14 DIY beauty products you can make at home

Do you ever feel like you leave the cosmetic store with a receipt that shows an eye-watering price tag? Next time you run out of your favorite beauty treatment, DIY it!
That's right - we've rounded up some beauty products you can make right at home with products you probably already have! Not only will you save money by making your own beauty products, but you get to control what goes into them, too. That means no more harsh chemicals! You can make products that are tailored specifically to you.
1. Coconut oil bath melts
How dreamy does it sound to relax in a bath scented of coconuts and citrus fruits? Well, this DIY project from Paleo Hacks only takes 15 minutes and uses two ingredients. Plus, it'll leave your skin super silky! What are you waiting for?!​
2. Brown sugar lip scrub
For super soft lips that taste as good as they look, check out this 3-ingredient recipe from Craftinge. We bet you have all three ingredients in your cupboard right now!​
3. DIY beet blush
Yep, this blush from Yum Universe is made from brilliant red beets, making it a super natural way to add a bit of color to your cheeks.
4. Cooling foot butter
After a long day of standing on your feet, this cooling lotion is exactly what the doctor ordered. With essential oils and other natural products, make a lotion you feel good about with the help of Bren Did.
5. Natural luminizer
Ever wonder how some people get that dewy glow? While genetics and a healthy diet make a good foundation for your skin, you can get the glow with this recipe for a natural luminizer from Eka Tearcher.
6. Natural teeth whitener
One of the quickest ways to give yourself a mini-makeover is to whiten those pearly whites! But forget the expensive and harsh store-bought treatments. Body Unburdened shows you how to make your own treatment (with stuff you probably already have around your house!).
7. Sweet strawberry lip balm
This sweet and slightly tinted lip balm from Bren Did would be the perfect project to make with your little princess. It could even make a fun birthday party project that each little guest could take home.
8. Uplifting eye cream
If your eyes are looking a little tired and constantly have puffy circles beneath them, try this recipe from Blah Blah Magazine for a natural uplifting eye cream.
9. DIY acne mask
To get rid of those pesky pimples without using harsh chemicals, try this recipe from Dear Crissy. This face mask promises to clear up those breakouts and only has two ingredients.
10. Green tea face mist
For a mid-afternoon pick me up, this super simple face mist made from green tea will perk your skin right up, giving you a healthy glow. Simply steep tea leaves in boiling water for 20 minutes, strain and pour into a sterilized spray bottle. Keep your mist refrigerated between uses.
11. Lemon coconut shampoo
You've likely never thought of making your own shampoo, but it's pretty simple and is free of sulfates. Plus, it smells great, too! Check out the instructions at Mom Makes Joy.
12. Homemade zit zapper
Combat those pesky pimples with this DIY zit zapper from Little House Living. With only two ingredients, you can get started on this project today!
13. DIY bath bombs
These grapefruit scented bath bombs from She Uncovered are da bomb! Follow the tutorial and you'll soon be relaxing in a bubbly, citrusy bath with not a care in the world!
14. Honey and coconut hair mask
For super lustrous locks, this deep conditioning hair mask will give your hair tons of moisture and an extra bounce. With only three ingredients, we're dying to try this yummy-sounding recipe from The Debrief.
With natural ingredients and simple steps, which DIY beauty product are you going to whip up first? Who do you know that will love these projects? Share this article with them and plan a spa day together to make your favorites!
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