Dryer sheets aren't just for the dryer. Here are 10+ nifty uses

Dryer sheets are known to keep your laundry fresh and soft, in addition to controlling static. You might not know this, but there are many alternative uses for dryer sheets, and not just in the laundry room.
Keep reading to find out how these alternative uses can change your life:
1. Remove deodorant stains
Make sure to use brisk, short strokes and a clean dryer sheet when attempting this tip. Also, ensure the dryer sheet is completely dry.
2. Dust the blinds (and really, any furniture)
It's time to seriously retire that dust cloth of yours because dryer sheets are better. The material of dryer sheets allows them to repel static electricity, making dryer sheets the optimal material for collecting dust.
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3. Air freshener
Tape or pin the dryer sheet (scented) to a fan/air unit and have the breeze distribute the aroma around your desired room.
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4. Wipe bugs off your windshield
The softness of the dryer sheet helps you avoid scratching your car. The smell of dryer sheets can also help repel bugs, especially during mosquito season.
5. Remove toilet rings
Showers and faucets aren't the only things in the bathroom that can benefit from dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can even freshen up your toilet, too. Scrubbing the inside of the bowl can eliminate toilet rings and clean those hard-to-reach areas.
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6. Remove pet hair
A simple dryer sheet can easily brush off pet hair from your sweater, similar to the effect of that lint roller.
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7. Wipe up spills
Cleaning up spills in the kitchen is no fun, but dryer sheets can help absorb flour, cornstarch, and other messes to make cleaning a little bit easier.
8. Clean electronics
The softness of the dryer sheet easily wipes away the dust that builds up on electronic devices -- computers, laptops, and TV -- without damaging the surface.
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9. Polish hardware
Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your bathroom faucets and shower doors, a dryer sheet can do the trick. Used dryer sheets work wonders for removing watermarks on faucets, and a wet dryer sheet can clean soap scum on shower doors.
10. Clean dirty dishes
Never scrub your dirty dishware again. Instead, fill a dirty pan with warm water and some dish soap. Next, toss a few dry sheets in. Wait an hour or so, and the nasty grime will come right off! You need to watch this in action in the video below to see its effect.
11. Clean stainless steel
To buff away fingerprints and smudges, simply wipe a dryer sheet over your stainless steel items, and they'll look as good as new. This process is especially helpful for refrigerator handles and other appliances that are heavily used.
12. Keep clothes fresh
Not only can you use this tip in your drawers, but this trick is handy for keeping the contents of suitcases and backpacks fresh as well. Bonus: Stick a dryer sheet in your pet litterbox for a better scent! Even your pets will be happy.
13. Keep thread from knotting
It's almost impossible to get knots out of thread while you're sewing, but running a dryer sheet over it beforehand can help prevent tangles in the first place.

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