9 ways to transform pesky pine cones into true beauty

If pine cones are littering your yard, you might have never really given them much thought other than how to get rid of them. But take a closer look and you'll see that these textured beauties really are something to behold.
We have some fun and interesting DIY project ideas to transform plain pine cones into something totally new and worthy of being displayed in your home. Whether you're looking for a glitzy statement piece for a holiday gathering or wanting a more natural and permanent addition to your home, we've got ideas that'll make you happy these guys are in your own backyard!
Rustic pinecone wreath
This gorgeous pinecone wreath could effortlessly transition into the winter season if you switch out the ribbon, and it'll cost next to nothing if you can gather the pinecones yourself! Watch the video below to see this project come to life:
Crystal covered pine cones
If you are looking for your pine cones to have a frosted look, be sure to check out the easy DIY below to learn this technique:
Bleached pine cones (h/t Purple Hues & Me)
For a super unique pine cone transformation, bleach these textured beauties for a look that's completely new. The end result would be a total standout dinner table centerpiece.
Bird feeder (h/t Green Child Magazine)
This classic craft and is a perfect way to get your kiddos crafting and interested in nature. Check out the video below to see the final result.
Scented pine cones (h/t Apartment Therapy)
Wish that your home could smell like the great outdoors every day? Your wish has been granted with the DIY tutorial video below that walks you through making your very own deliciously scented pine cones that double as a beautiful way to fill a glass bowl.
Super easy glitter pine cones (h/t The Homes I Have Made)
If you like nature, but you like glamour, even more, we think the DIY project featured in the video below might be perfect for you. You can turn up the glitz factor on something found in your own backyard. The best part? It's SUPER easy! This also makes for a great Christmas ornament. Check out the video:
Pine cone fire starters (h/t Something Turquoise)
Did you know pine cones are very flammable? That makes them the perfect base for creating your own fire starters. Follow the steps in the video below to create your own beautiful fire starters. Keep them on hand for impromptu summer bonfires, or give them as party favors during the holiday season.
Miniature Christmas trees (h/t Babble)
These mini Christmas trees are just the cutest way to brighten up the holidays. We think they'd make great place cards to mark guests' seats at a holiday dinner!
Faux zinnia arrangement
Do you ever put together a beautiful arrangement of flowers only to see it start wilting the next day? With this tutorial from A Fanciful Twist, you can create an everlasting bouquet of faux zinnias using pine cones!
Painted pine cones
Think pine cones are only for the holiday season? This tutorial from eHow will prove you wrong by showing you exactly how to paint pine cones for any time of year. All that texture can make painting a little tricky, so be sure to read the instructions before you get the paint out. You can use the finished product to make your own wreath (see No. 7 for inspiration), or you can gather them into a bowl for a festive decoration at any season!

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