Give your boring light switch covers new life with these 8 ideas

Light switches are all around your house, though you probably rarely think of them. Take your light switch covers from drab to exciting with these creative and simple makeovers. With these unique projects, you will brighten up your home without even turning on the lights!
Whether you're a crafting pro or a total newbie, these projects are fun and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. All you need is a boring old light switch cover, Mod Podge and a couple other materials you likely have at home right now! We've got 8 different, yet equally creative ways to spice up your light switch cover. Scroll down to the bottom to see them all, and choose the one (or ones!) that most fit your style!
Materials for all projects:
-Light switch cover, removed from your wall
-Mod Podge (used in most of these projects)
Choose one of the following:
-colored sticky notes
-pretty tissue paper
-patterned gift bag
-paint or nail polish
-duct tape
small plastic hook
Basic instructions
1. Remove your light switch cover from the wall.
2. Prepare your selected material (from the list about) by tracing the outer and inner rectangles of the light switch cover.
3. Use the lines to cut the material to fit the light switch (if necessary).
3. Attach your selected material to the blank light switch, using Mod Podge.
4. Screw the cover back onto your wall and enjoy your new, fun light switch cover!
Final results
See all the final project results and see which ones will work best in your home. If you've got any little ones at home, we think they'll love joining in on this project!
1. Cover with a sticky note reminder
Equal parts funny and practical, this super simple idea will help remind you of the things you're always forgetting - like feeding the dog, watering that plant in the corner, or calling your mother! This fast little "craft" doesn't even require Mod Podge, so you can switch out the sticky notes whenever you have something new to remind yourself or your family members!
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2. Cover with tissue paper
Pretty tissue paper makes the perfect material to use in this project. With a little Mod Podge, the tissue paper will become almost transparent over the plastic cover, so it works well if you use tissue with a fun pattern. You might need to use a few pieces layered on top of each other to get your desired result.
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3. Cover with a gift bag
If you collect used gift bags and have them stacking up with no purpose, this might be the perfect material to use in your light switch cover update. Choose one with a fun pattern that'll bring a little pizzaz into your home!
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4. Cover with fabric
You'd probably never think of fabric as a way to liven up your light switch covers, but with a little Mod Podge, you can make them over in a cinch!
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5. Cover with a painted pattern
Using a tiny brush, cover your light switch cover in an easy pattern, like dots, or if you're super artistic, you can try something a little more detailed. We think kiddos would love personalizing their own light switch covers!
Tip: You could even use nail polish for this project!
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6. Cover with tape
Duct tape comes in all colors and patterns now, and why not use a few different pieces to spice up the light switch covers in your kids' rooms?! Get them involved with this craft so they can take ownership of their work! We suggest covering the whole cover in one color of duct tape first. Then, cut out the middle to create the hole. Lastly, use smaller pieces of colorful tape to create your desired pattern.
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7. Cover with confetti
We think little princesses everywhere will love a confetti-covered light switch cover! All you need is an even layer of Mod Podge before you dip the cover in the sparkly stuff! Pick off any stray pieces, and you're good to go!
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8. Attach a hook for your keys
Perhaps the most utilitarian craft of the bunch, attaching a simple plastic hook makes the perfect place to keep your keys. Now you'll never lose them again!
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The final results
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Which light switch cover update would work best in your home? Would your kiddos love this project? Share this fun DIY project with any friends you think might love it!
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